Descent: FreeSpace - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Type WWW.VOLITIONINC.COM to enable the cheats then hold the tilde '' key and type any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
C Send Message to Enemies
Shift C Toggle Availability of Countermeasures for All Ships
K Kill Target
Shift K Destroy Targeted Subsystem
Alt K 10 Damage Yourself
I Invulnerability
Shift I Toggle Invulnerability for Target
O Toggle Descentstyle Physics
W Infinite Weapons for All Ships Including Yours
W Infinite Weapons for Just Your Ship
G Mark All Primary Goals Complete
Shift G Mark All Secondary Goals Complete
Alt G Mark All Bonus Goals Complete
9 Scroll Forward Through All Secondary Weapons
Shift 9 Scroll Backwards Through All Secondary Weapons
0 Scroll Forward Through All Primary Weapons
Shift 0 Scroll Backwards Through All Secondary Weapons
R Issue a Rearm Request for Target

Note: You CANNOT advance the mission if you activated the cheat codes.

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