Far Cry 6 will release in May

Despite delays that suggested Far Cry 6 may not even see the light of day until sometime in early 2022, it doesn't look like its actual release will be quite so far off. The Microsoft Store has listed the game for pre-order and in its typical leaking fashion, has made it quite clear that the game will be available on May 26, 2021. The Microsoft Store doesn't typically do placeholder dates — certainly none this specific — so we're quite confident Far Cry 6 should make its debut then.

Far Cry 6 takes the series to the fictional Caribbean island of Yara. Inspired by Cuba, it sees Giancarlo Esposito playing the country's El Presidenté dictator, with players taking on the role of a young revolutionary, attempting to restore the country to its former glory.

Described as the biggest Far Cry playground yet, with more weapons, vehicles, and objects to aid you in your revolution than ever before. You'll also be able to heavily customize your character, including their gender, and will see that character interact with the principle players in the story during third person cut scenes.

All of that sounds super exciting, which was why it was sad when Ubisoft said it was delaying the game until the 2021/2022 financial year. That gave it a lot of room to adjust the release date, but now it seems like it was only a pushed back by a few months.

Look out for Far Cry 6 on all new and existing platforms in May next year.

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