Detroit: Become Human


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Dirty Bomb Ending:
To be able to get the 'Dirty Bomb' ending Markus need to take the nuclear detonator from North. Do a peaceful Demonstration at the end of the game and when the police come to take him out, hit the detonator. Detroit falls and the androids will 'win'.

Easy 'Confession' Trophy:
Once you have unlocked the 'Partners' Chapter you will be able to have Connor make the android confess in the 'The Interrogation' chapter. Make the following dialogue choices during the interrogation to get the 'Confession' Trophy.

1. Sit down on the chair to start the interrogation.
2. Triangle - To analyze all five hints on the deviant's body (marked by yellow lines)
3. Square - Interrogate
4. Circle - Wounds
5. Circle - Fear
6. X - Blame
7. Circle - Probe Memory
8. X - Truth
9. X - Truth
10. [Choose Approach] - Convince It
11. X - Order
12. Triangle - Sympathize
13. X - Warn

If you made these choices the deviant will now confess. Just exhaust the remaining dialogue choices as desired, as they do not impact this trophy.

Easy 'I'll Be Back' Trophy:
To get the 'I'll Be Back' Trophy Connor must die and return at every opportunity before reaching the end. This involves starting a New Story and Connor dying 10 times in one playthrough. All chapters must be replayed one after the other and in some chapters there is more than one way for Connor to die (only one is needed). Note: The death in the optional chapter 'Interrogation' is also mandatory.

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