Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten


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Game Cheats:

X-Dimension Rewards
When you complete the indicated percentage in the X-Dimension stage you will receive the corresponding bonus.

Candidate Ribbon:
Complete 20% of the X-Dimension Stages.

Lucky Headband:
Complete 40% of the X-Dimension Stages.

Celebration Ball:
Complete 60% of the X-Dimension Stages.

Victory Daruma:
Complete 80% of the X-Dimension Stages.

Gold Senator Badge:
Complete 100% of the X-Dimension Stages.

Legendary Tree relationships

In Episode 4 unlock the Legendary Tree bill and get it passed in the Senate to gain a new evil symbol which allows you to setup a series of relationships for the symbol's leader. Another use for it is to unlock epilogues (See Endings cheat.), but it's primary purpose is to grant special effects to the leader by setting relationships. The effects usually disappears when a member is removed from the symbol's area of effect but completing the following tasks can make the relationships permanent.

Leader heals Lover ten times. Its effect is Leader gets 10% HP regeneration when standing side-by-side with Lover.

Leader and Rival attack and counter each other unarmed or with a Fist-type weapon 10 times. Its effect is Leader gains 20 percent stat boost when Rival is deployed.

Leader and Comrade team attack together 10 times. Its effect is Leader has 99 percent team attack chance with Comrade.

Leader kills Archenemy 10 times. Its effect is Leader gains 50% stat boost when he/she kills Archenemy.

Leader uses Mentor's spells when standing side-by-side 10 times. Its effect is Leader can use Mentor's spells anywhere on the map when both are deployed.

Leader and Twin wear the same equipment for 10 entire battles. Its effect is Leader gains 20% to 60% stat boost for wearing the same armor as Twin.

Leader protects Stepsibling from special attacks 10 times. Its effect is Leader can protect Stepsibling from anywhere on the map.

Second Cousins:
Leader and Second Cousin both participate in 10 battles together. There is no special effect with this relationship.

Undo any established relationship:
Pass a bill that costs 1,000 mana.

Unlock Bonus Characters
Complete the game then complete the extra maps to unlock new allies. The extra maps are unlocked by passing bills in the Senate.

Unlock Axel:
Complete extra map 1.

Unlock Flonne:
Complete extra map 2.

Unlock Raspberyl:
Complete extra map 3.

Unlock Etna:
Complete extra map 4.

Unlock Laharl:
Complete extra map 5.

Unlock Asagi:
Complete extra map 6.

Unlock Kurtis:
Complete extra map 7 (after meeting him several times in Item World).

Unlock Zetta:
Complete extra map 9.

Unlock Alternate Endings
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding ending.

Unlock Axel Ending:
Lose to Axel in Episode 6.

Unlock Desco Ending:
Lose to Desco in Episode 3.

Unlock Desco's Epilogue:
Set Desco as Valvatorez's Stepsibling in the Legendary Tree evil symbol.

Unlock Emizel Ending 1:
Lose to Emizel in Episode 1.

Unlock Emizel Ending 2:
Lose to Emizel in Episode 2-.

Unlock Emizel's Epilogue:
Set Emizel as Valvatorez's Rival in the Legendary Tree evil symbol.

Unlock Fenrich's Epilogue:
Set Fenrich as Valvatorez's Comrade in the Legendary Tree evil symbol.

Unlock Fuka Ending:
Lose to Fuka in Episode 2.

Unlock Fuka's Epilogue:
Set Fuka as Valvatorez's Twin in the Legendary Tree evil symbol.

Unlock Postgame Epilogue:
Complete Extra Battles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 after completing the game.

Unlock True Final Battle:
Defeat the normal final Boss with Valvatorez at level 500 or higher.

Unlock Vulcanus Ending:
Lose to Vulcanus in Episode 5.

Unlock Vulcanus' Epilogue:
Set Vulcanus as Valvatorez's Lover in the Legendary Tree evil symbol.

Unlock Chara World
Reincarnate 3 times storing at least 99 levels and then pass the 'Go to Chara World' bill in the Senate.

Unlock Classes
Reach the indicated level to unlock the corresponding class.

Beat the main game and start a 2nd playthough.

Healer and Valkyrie level 15.

Armour Knight:
Warrior level 20

Beast Master:
Warrior or Valkyrie level 15

Thief and Skull level 15

Lady Samurai:
Valkyire and Archer level 30

Magic Knight:
Warrior or Valkyrie, and Skull or Witch level 30

Masked Hero:
Thief and Warrior level 25

Thief and Skull level 30

Onmyo Monk:
Sorcerer and Ninja level 30

Healer and Sorcerer level 20

Skull and Witch level 15

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