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Cheats Codes:

Hidden 'Resistance Salute' Emote
If you say the following speedchat phrase in the indicated shop you will get the hidden Emote.

Unlock Emotion 'Resistance Salute':
Say 'Would you like some help?' in shop 'Talking in Your Sleep Voice Lessons' in DDL.

Hidden Toon Modifier
To get the Toon Modifier entitled Toon Modifier: Large + No Color, simply use speedchat to say 'Howdy!' in the shop 'Hibernation Vacations' in The Brrrgh

Hidden Emote
To unlock a hidden emotion, entitled Resistance Salute, use speedchat to say "Would you like some help" in the shop 'Talking in Your Sleep Voice Lessons' in DDL

Unlock Free T-Shirt
In the sticker book enter the case sensitive code 'GETCONNECTED' (without the quotes) to receive this free item.

Unlock Free Sillymeter T-Shirt
In the sticker book enter the case sensitive code 'SILLYMETER' (without the quotes) to receive this free item.

Polar Toon
If you go to a store called 'Hibernation Vacations' which is located in Polar Place in Brrrrrgh and using the Speedchat phrase say 'Howdy!' to the clerk serving there your toon will change and become large and colourless. Your toon will stay in this form all the time you are in Brrrrrgh or until you sign out

Toontown Geyser Glitch
Go to Chip and Dale's Acorn Acres (You must be there with a friend) And then tell your friend to go to the Geyser (If not yet popping up) And when the Geyser pops up with your friend quickly go to him/her and Viola! You are are doing the Geyser Glitch!

Fly in air without water
This is a glitch to fly in the air without the need of water.
1. Go to any playground, and go to their party booth
2. Open your book, and click ignore to A FRIEND. As you click ignore, press escape on your keyboard. DO NOT PRESS OKAY!
3. Now, walk up to the party booth, WITH THE MESSAGE ON YOUR SCREEN. You should see the ignore message over the party list.
4. Press "okay" on the ignore message. DO NOT EXIT THE PARTY LIST
4. Go to something that slopes up and you can walk on
Ex: stairs
Go onto it 1/4 of the way.
5. Exit out of party list and press escape at the same time.
6. Go to " exit toontown" and press okay and run forward at the same time. When you are about to teleport out Of toontown, press controll on your keyboard. Now you can run around in the air
( if your toon starts to go in teleportation hole, then press escape on your keyboard )

Toon up or Sound For Free

I'm sorry if someone has previously posted this, but at the end of your gag training you will find you cannot go into the hq to finish. Well go to the post office (any street) and go up to the owner of the shop. Accept his task, do it ( It doesn't take TOO long) and B[b][/b] [size=12][/size] BLAMMO! you got your track!

Toontown codes
if u want to know the code to your toontown then click on your book and then click on codes then type in silly meter then it says u get a shirt the next one is popcorn pop then the next one is conected then thats it

Go on the Trolley and play Toon Sling-Shot!
Open umbrella just before time runs out!
In playground you have an umbrella!

Get behind the counter
first u stand in front of the door.when ur frend tps to u walk out the door u should be in the black and go in the counter and u shoud be behind the counter note if u did it rigt it will work note2 works in all biuldings

Sleep Walking
So you go to a party thing as if you want to go to a party but don't go to a party. Just leave it like that. Your toon will go to sleep and when your sure the toon is asleep exit the party thing and walk around. You will be walking around with ZZZ.....'s as long you don't talk!

How to become friends with cogs
first click on friends second click on new friends then finally click on a cog

Silly meter shirt
go to enter code in your book and type in SILLYMETER

Item cheat
go into your book and go to options look up at the top and you will see a button that says codes and type in silly meter and then go check your mailbox

Jellybeans,Jellybeans Evreywhere!
Do you want to get jelly beans superfast?
Well if you do when you get on the toontown wab page: 1.log in, 2.go to the panel "Toon HQ", it should roll down click "Recuit-A-Toon", 3.select your toons name (the one you want the beans to go to) fill in the names then for the E-mail do yours. 4.go to your mail from it on your E-mail account go to " Join now" and click. 5. Fill in the information for a new account (the E-mail must not be copyed from another account). 6.log in on your REAL account click on the toon the jellybeans went to, go home in your mailbox and WOW! 110 jellybeans!

House furniture glitch
If you have furniture up against the all between your entrance room and your bedroom if you jump behind it you can go through the wall

Glitches in Cog Buildings
You know how after you defeat a floor in a cog building you will be left to roam around? Well I have some glitches while your in the cog building.

1. First off, you need the Resistance Salute. Do it and while he's raising his fist move forward. You will be hovering.

2. Also, you can stick your head through the elevator door. Be the third or fourth person to enter the elevator. Then when the door closes click angry in SpeedChat. Your toon's head will be sticking out.

It is especially funny when you stick your head through the door when you are big and white. Your legs will and arms will also stick out through the door.

Resistance Salute
Go to Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland and go to the shop called 'Talking in Your Sleep: Voice Training'. There you should say, "Would you like some help?" from the SpeedChat. Then you will get a new thing in SpeedChat in Emotions called the Resistance Salute. When you click on it you will say, "Toons of the world unite!" Your toon will also raise their fist up like he's happy.

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