DOOM (2016)

DOOM (2016) DOOM (2016) DOOM (2016) DOOM (2016)

Console Commands:
During gameplay press the '~' (tilde) key to bring up the command console then type the following codes (without the quotes) to enable the corresponding effect.

God Mode:
Type 'cvarAdd g_permaGodMode 1' (or try simply typing in 'god')

Infinite Ammo:
Type 'cvarAdd g_permaInfiniteAmmo 1'

Dumb AI:
Type 'cvarAdd g_inhibitAi 1'

Unlock Perks:
Type 'DebugUnlockPerkByAbility -1'

Unlock Perks 2:
Type 'DebugUnlockPerkByRequirement -1'

Change FOV:
Type 'g_fov X' (where X is the FOV number)

Developer Mode (Disables Steam Acheivments):
Type 'dev 1'

Draw FPS:
Type 'Com_showFPS 3'

Easy 'Argent Fiend' Achievement:
An easy way to get this Achievement is to progress in the Single-Player Campaign until you reach the final Boss and then quit and replay the missions to get the collectables.