Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors - Attack position

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors - Attack position
Attack position:
When you use strong attacks, your position matters. For example, if Piccolo at any level is on the ground with a Spirit gauge at 100 and you use his special, he will fire a group of disks at your opponent, and it will follow your opponent. Note: You can avoid these disks.

Bonus Battle:
Successfully complete story mode without losing any matches. Depending on your character, you may fight a bonus battle after the credits end.

Easier win:
To get an easier victory over someone, first immediately when the match starts, do your super attack. Then, charge up to 100. Let your opponent charge to 50 or 100. Let your opponent do his super attack and immediately when the blast comes out, quick dodge it by pressing the D-pad twice. Immediately when you dodge it, do your super attack. Your opponent may still be blasting when you blast. Therefore he will not move. Note: You are better off doing this if your opponent is in a corner.

Easy DBZ points:
Go to the challenge mode and select the Saiyans team as your opponent. Note: You must complete the other teams before you can do this. The best characters to defeat the Saiyan team with is level 3 Gohan you must have enough DBZ points to buy him, then level 1 Piccolo. The highest number of DBZ points you can get is 4.

Easy kills with Frieza:
While playing as Frieza at any level, get 100 energy and go above the enemy. Use a certain long range kill R A B and he will use the attack that he used to blow up the core of Planet Namek. This will start a timer. Stall until the timer runs out, and your opponent will instantly be killed. Note: When fighting multiple enemies, this will only kill the one that you are fighting.

Easy special attacks:
You need to press R, A, B for a "certain kill" shot or your "Special" However, all you need to do is hold A, press and hold B, then tap R. Timing is critical. This works for any type of special move.

Easy wins:
When you have enough points, buy 18 on level three. Then, do any battle with her. She has infinite energy blasts because she is an android.

How to make a Kamehameha:
In order to make a finishing move or when you want to make a death move, charge your ki to 50- 100 and press RAB at the same time and you will perform a death move. Note: When at 50- 100 an arrow will move in a direction telling you where you can preform it,100 will be the Ultimate Death Move.

Instant transmission:
In order to teleport without having a teammate, when you at least have a small amount of Ki 20 will do. press L while also pressing in the direction of your opponent. This is a good strategy when your opponent is using a "certain-kill" move and you want to do yours in order to attack your opponent from a blindside. Note: This only works for Goku level 3 he learns it before he fights Cell and Cell because he has some of Goku's cells.

Powered up Spirit Bomb:
In order to activate the powered up Spirit Bomb you must first pick Goku in regular form from the character select menu. Once the battle has started charge Goku's energy up to 100.Once you have done that transform to Kaio Ken. Then when you are ready, fly above the character you are fighting and then activate the Spirit Bomb. You will launch a more powerful Spirit Bomb but note:there are no changes in the look it is just more powerful than normal.

Certain characters, such as Goku, have special power-ups. You can try this out in training mode. Your Spirit gauge must be at 100 to use Goku's or another character's power-up. Then press L R. Goku will be blinking red. He is using his Kaio Ken which is his power-up. There are other characters that have power-ups. Also, different levels make a difference. If you are testing out Goku's Kaio Ken, then first try his level 1 form. Note: Be careful when using these power-ups. As you use it, your life slowly drains away, giving you a very strong disadvantage. You will not die when you use the power-ups; it will leave you some life, but not much. If you get hit, you will die.

Signature attacks:
Some characters use their famous attacks as in the Dragon Ball Z television shows. For example, if you want to use Goku's Spirit Bomb fly up the screen until you cannot move further. You must be on top of your opponent at the very top of the screen. Also if you want your special attack to be very strong, have your Spirit gauge at 100. You cannot use the special if your Spirit gauge is below 50. Not all characters have their signature moves in this game. The two that are common are Goku's Spirit Bomb and Frieza's Death Ball.

Special Attacks:
Each character has three special attacks. To do a characters special attack, press A B R. Your character's special attacks are determined by where you are. You can do a Normal, Aerial, or Ground Special attack. The arrow will point in the direction that your special attack will be. It will take 50 to 100 of your power gauge to do a special attack. Some attacks at 50 are different than when at 100. Your character can also shoot a weak, normal, or strong Ki shot. To do a weak Ki shot, hold R and press B. To do a normal Ki shot, hold R and press A. To do a strong Ki shot, hold R then press A and hold it. To do your characters throw, press A B near your opponent. To Guard, hold A or B. Pressing A results in a weak guard, but you can counter an attack faster. Pressing B results in a strong guard.

Special power up with Frieza:
While playing as Frieza at any level, get 100 energy and press L while powering up. He will turn purple, making him a lot faster and stronger. Note: This will cause his life gauge to go slowly down.

Vegito's costume:
While playing as Goku and fighting against Goku, notice that the opponent Goku is wearing Vegito's costume. Also, if you are adult Gohan and fight against adult Gohan, he will also be wearing Vegito's costume. You can also be Super Saiyan Kid Gohan and fight adult Gohan. Adult Gohan will be wearing Vegito's costume.

Winning teams
This can be done in all modes except story mode. Because you cannot have all level 3 characters in challenge mode, use the following trick to win. If you have not unlocked the characters levels for Android 18, Frieza, or Trunks, then do this. If you do not want another character after you pick one character, press Start and choose "Yes" The winning team should be the following:

Have Android 18 level 2 and have Frieza or Trunks at level 2 and the other depending who you selected second at level 1.

Have Android 18 level 3 and choose to have just Frieza at level 1 or Trunks at Level 1.

Have Android 18 starts the game and use rapid fire hold R and repeatedly press B. When your opponent is on ground you will notice the gauge between players health flashing and your opponent is still on the ground, use the Ex Power Shot hold R then hold A for three seconds. Repeat Ex Power Shot for three blasts. After third blast, let them have it with more rapid fire. If Android 18 somehow dies, you will have Frieza. Make sure Frieza has 100 Spirit. Some how go above your opponent probably after he has been hit with a smash downwards and use Frieza's Special Deathball. Make sure it does not hit your opponent. If done correctly, the timer will appear. Fast dodge or do whatever is needed to keep Frieza alive until timer reaches 0. Your opponent will die in one hit and you will be still alive. Trunks is just included for speed. If you want to defeat your opponent quickly, use Trunks.