Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure
Breeding combinations:

Plant Family Lipsy = Eggplaton.
KingCobra Draky = SnakeBat.
Dragon Family Gullple = Andreal
Breeding Combos: Jamirus Rosevine = Sidoh
Whiteking Metalking = Hargon
Durran Divinegon = Pizzaro
Spotking Metaldrak = Metalking
Centasaur Goldgolem = Durran
Ogre beast family = Centasaur
Iceman Lavaman = Goldgolem
Servant Andreal = Dracolord human
Dracolord human Divinegon = Dracolord dragon
Armorpion Whiteking = Skularach
Skeletor Andreal = Whiteking
Warmantis Octoraid = Armorpion
Slime Big Roost has to be a linked game breed = Wonderegg
Blizzardy Phoenix = Rainhawk
Rainhawk Goldgolem = Azurile
Andreal Medusa Eye = Orochi
dragon family Gulpple = Andreal
Mirudraas Zoma = Deathmore
Deathmore Armorpion = Deathmore 2
Deathmore 2 Mudou = Deathmore 3
Deathmore 3 Granslime = Darkdrium
Goldslime Goldslime = Granslime

Unlock Terry mode
To unlock Terry mode first collect over 150 different kinds of monsters, then go to the room where you sign up for tournaments Greatlog. Once you're there you should see a blue and white character. Talk to him and he will challenge you to battle. Once you defeat him you should have something that says TERRY when you go to the main menu.

Unlock Squiz the Squid
Go into the cave to the north and go deep into the cave and defeat the monster in there to get him.

Unlock Biino the Beaver
Complete The Oasis World and return to the dam and talk to the beaver on the right