Shadowrun Halo 2 Launch Windows Live

Shadowrun Halo 2 Launch Windows Live Shadowrun Halo 2 Launch Windows Live

For the first time ever, Microsoft Games Studios introduces Games for Windows LIVE enabling PC gamers to play with or against the Xbox LIVE community.

On 1st June, the release of Shadowrun connected Windows Vista gamers with Xbox 360 players in cross-platform matches through a single service. Whether in cooperation or competition, PC and Xbox 360 gamers can battle up to 16 players in the first-person shooter as they vie for supremacy in an experience that rewards cleverness, cunning and split-second improvisation through a unique combination of modern weapons, ancient magic and advanced technology.

This marks the first of many games to come which will support the Games for Windows - LIVE service, connecting six million Xbox LIVE members and hundreds of millions of Windows gamers. Games for Windows - LIVE brings the best of the Xbox LIVE service to Windows gamers, such as a single online identity, the ability to easily find and connect with friends, and earn achievements.

The launch of Halo 2 for Windows Vista will deliver improved graphics, a custom map editor and the chance to earn achievements - a first for the Halo franchise.

Current members of Xbox LIVE automatically receive the functionality of Games for Windows - LIVE, using the same gamertag and friends list, at no additional cost. In addition, Games for Windows - LIVE introduces the best of Xbox LIVE functionality to please PC gamers, such as integrated in-game multiplayer voice chat and Achievements, as well as functionality demanded by PC gamers like dedicated server support, as part of the free Silver membership. Gold memberships will deliver the premium online network experience which adds benefits such as multiplayer achievements, matchmaking according to skill, reputation and gamerzone, as well as cross-platform gameplay.