How to Make Money (Elexit) Fast and Easy:
I will show u step by step how to make 1 Milion Money (Elexit) in five mins.

How to Make Elexit:
- Go to the fort (at the desert)
- Find vendor and buy electroscraps and iron ore
- Go to workbench and craft small energy restore (potions for Clerics)
- Craft higher lvl ratio it's 1:1
- Sell this potions to vendor

How to Fix the Savegame Bug:
All of us who played Risen, Risen 2 and Risen 3 are familiar with this
ancient bug in the game: You can't save or load games. Sorry to see
this bug reproduced in Elex. Really, devs?

- Go to a folder \SteamApps\common\ELEX\data\ini
- Open a file mount_packed.xml
- Find and change the line PhysicalPath="$(savedgames)/ELEX/SaveGames"
to PhysicalPath="$(localappdata)//ELEX//SaveGames"
- Go to a folder \AppData\Local\Elex and create a directory SaveGames there.

Getting Flamethrower:
Go to the North-East corner of the map in any way you can get there avoiding all combat. Buy or kill someone for a flamethrower.
PROFIT. That is all.

The Type A flamethrower is so comically overpowered. It acts more like the Incinerator from Fallout in that it throws a "fireball" a very long distance
that explodes.

Jetpack to a ledge you cannot be hit / shot from. Step forward.
Pull trigger until everything is burned alive.
Move on… It will give you a great advantage in this game.

Important Skills:
Hit Points Upgrade:
The hit points upgrade is a usefull pickup to make you not die as fast as you are used to. Since the combat system in Elex is a bit clumsy, you often find yourself dieing even against "beginners" creatures. This will definetly help you out.

Stamina Upgrade:
The stamina upgrade is really nice and even more important. It won't only help you run longer and make more actions in combat. You will make more damage as well. Hows that? Well, since your damage is increased per successful hit, and you will be making at least two more attacks before you run out of stamina, you will dish out tons of damage, without needing to skill strength or anything. And let's be honest: You can make only three hits at the start of the game, before running out of stamina and then you have none left for parrieing incoming attacks., that sucks!

Depending on the attributes you skill, you should think about putting some points into Intelligence to learn "Modify Weapons" and "Chemestry".

Modify Weapons:
Will allow you to upgrade your weapons at a workbench (e.g. one is right next to the blacksmith in Edan). This will boost your weapon greatly. But keep in mind that the attributes for using that weapon will increase also!
For example: If you have a weapon that uses around 30 strength, you can upgrade
it and it might need 40. This is especially useful when you have already a weapon around 50 strength, but need something in between.

Chemestry will make your life alot easier when it comes down to crafting useful potions.

Berserkers Guide:
I go through the basic idea of joining the beserkers. This will contain some quest information, so if you feel like this spoilers you, dont keep on reading.

First of all you need to make your way to Edan and talk with Ragnar. He will give you some quests that you definetly should do. He will give you a special task that you will need to complete for being able to join the beserker. He will also keep track of how "well" you solved the quests or if you even completed them at all. You can always go to him when you want to know the status of your doing.

The cleric. He will ask you to give him the cleric weapons you found.
Don't give them to him, since Ragnas wife will be asking for them as well, and you want her on your side.

There are alot of people that have quests for you in Edan, and you should talk to pretty much everyone who you can talk with. Notice here that people only give a good word to Ragnar, if they are satisfied with your work. Sometimes you need to resist the higher reward you would get, for making a good result in terms of joining the beserkers.

The chiefs of the two clans have also some special tasks for you. You should go through each dialogue with them. Angrim is a strict guy. He will ask you to obeye the law at all cost, keep that in mind when making his quest, since he might want to test you out, if you stick with the rules.
Cormag has a more "relaxed" opinion on Elex weapons and technology, you don't need to worry here.

One, somewhat "hidden" quest, is the one you can complete, when you have stolen Ragnars sword. It's located nearby the throne. When you are standing in front of it, go slightly to the right and straight forward. There's a little room, where you can find the sword of Eisenfaust at the wall. There are sometimes guards around it, so don't get caught. Then head back to Ragnar and tell him you found his sword.

When Ragnar is satisfied with your work, he will give you a nice reward and another mission to check the status of the outposts.
Notice here: After finishing this new quest, you still won't be able to join the berserkers, unless you finished the special task, he gave to you right from the start to scout the other cities.

After you have done that, you will be finally able to join the beserkers.
You will get nice rewards and are able to choose your magic hand.
Head to "How to use magic", if you are not sure how to switch the spells.

Berserkers: Become a Warrior:
Congratulations you are a Beserker now! But only a poor little cultivator
(the guys who care about the plants, such skill, much wow).

By becoming a cultivator, you have access to more weapons and armor.
Head to the Blacksmith and grab the cultivator armor, if this one is better
than yours. Ragnar already gave you the main piece, so you don't need to buy that one.
You now can learn berserker specific skills as well.
You also got to choose the magic hand you'd like to use in combat.
Now you have the possibility to rank up further to Warrior!

Ranking up to warrior:
For ranking up you will need to do specific quests and meet some requirements.

Earn the pledges - Ragnar, Cormag and Angrim will have new quests for you that you need to fulfill, if you want to become a warrior. Be sure to complete them as best as you can, for them to give you the pledge. E.g. make the boring plant quest, instead of argueing to much about it.
Become level 15 - This is simply a requirement, nothing to do about it.

Instant Chest Opening Glitch:
Go to a chest and attempt a lockpick
- Fail at it
- Press Quick-Save
- Chest should be unlocked

Afterwards just open the lockpick menu for the next chest, exit, press Quick-Save button – done.
Chest opened.