Elf's Adventure - Solve


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middle drawer not openable. bottom drawer brass key in parka pocket. desk drawer gold key in parka pocket. santa untie mittens & give string to santa. mirror enter it to go to the maze. d. find the map. go back to the maze. n.n.se.se.ne.n.nw.se.se.se.se.nw.nw.nw.nw.ne.nw.sw.ne.s. return home. No Doze No Gloze make snowman at west end. give him the hat. give him the plastic poinsettia. put poinsettia in blender. put thermometer in styrofoam box. wait till it snows. get 1st snowflake & put it in blender. give liquid to rudolph ne in barn.


the orb can be unlocked with the brass key & reveals a ice poinsettia which doesn't seem to serve any purpose since u already have the plastic one.

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