Empire Earth - Cheats

Empire Earth - Cheats


Start the game. select single player give yourself the name Annomaster for god mode dessurtkrink for money
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Various Cheats

During gameplay in Random Map with Cheat Codes on, press Enter and type any of the following "Codes":

Code - Effect

my name is methos - All Resources = 100000 and Reveal Map
atm - 1000 Gold
you said wood - 1000 Wood
rock&roll - 1000 Rock
creatine - 1000 Iron
asus drivers - Reveal Map
win - Win Game
ahhhcool - Lose Game
display cheat - Print All Cheats to Screen
the big dig - All Resources = 0
boston rent - Gold = 0
un, smoke? - Wood = 0
headshot - Remove All Objects from Map
slimfast - ???
mine your own business - ???
i have the power - All Prophets Have Max Power
coffee train - Restores Health of All Player Units
friendly skies - Aircraft Flight Time Refilled
girlyman - ???
columbus - See Fish and Animals

Edit/Skip scenarios of the Original campaigns

When you are playing a Sierra Campaign Greek, German, Russian, English and Learning scenarios, or a downloaded campaign you can easily skip or edit a scenario of that campaign, by doing this:

1. Start a scenario from a campaign you like to edit or skip.
2. Save your game at any point of the game.
3. Close your game F10>Quit This Game, and then go to the Scenario Editor.
4. Just immediately test your map.
5. Click F10, and then "Play Saved Game" and load your saved game from the campaign.
6. When loaded, immediately save your map and return to the editor F2. Now press the load button.
7. See that your saved game is in your scenarios folder?
8. Load your map and see the effect.
You now can edit the map, or simply add victory conditions to skip the map.