Enemy Front

Enemy Front Enemy Front Enemy Front Enemy Front Enemy Front

Unlock Jackpot Achievement:
To earn this Achievement you must obtain ALL the medals in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Radio Transmission modes. There are 9 challenges in Multiplayer mode. They are:

Bronze 1:
You need to score 5 kills streak in a single Deathmatch.

Bronze 2:
You need to kill an enemy that killed your team mate within 5 seconds in Team Deathmatch.

Bronze 3:
You need to defend a transmission point 3 times.

Silver 1:
Deliver 5 melee kills in a Deathmatch.

Silver 2:
You need to be the valuable player in a Team Deathmatch.

Silver 3:
You need to capture ALL points at least once in a Radio Transmission.

Gold 1:
The player needs to be number one in the scoreboard for an entire Deathmatch.

Gold 2:
You need to score 5 wins in a row in TDM

Gold 3:
You need to break the enemy transmission every time in a single round.

Easy Prison Break-in Achievement:
To get this Achievement you must get into the prison without raising the alarm in the mission 'First Victory'. There are two sections for this when you come out of the sewers. There is a house in the middle of the section which will act as a checkpoint. If you get spotted, simply restart the checkpoint.
If you need to quietly eliminate all the enemy soldiers in a given area such as a camp you need to use the binoculars to carefully look at the entire area you are going to operate, in order to locate all of the enemy units and mark them on the mini map.

Armoured Vehicles:
You do not stand a chance against armoured vehicles such as tanks if you are armed with just an automatic rifle or a shotgun. You will need to use heavier equipment such as several grenades or a bazooka which more often than not will destroy the armoured vehicle in one shot.