Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West


Free! (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 1.

Sightseeing (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 2.

Up on the Roof (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 3.

Caught a Show on Broadway (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 4.

Escaped New York (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 5.

A Bridge Too Far (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 6.

There You Are! (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 7.

Windy Passage (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 8.

To Meet a Pig (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 9.

What a Pig (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 10.

Swine Flew (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 11.

Sub-way (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 12.

Anchors Away! (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 13.

Smoky Bacon (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Chapter 14.

Freed the Slaves (Bronze)
Objective: Free the slaves.

Headcase (Bronze)
Objective: Headshot a Demolition mech 20 times.

Trainee Monkey (Bronze)
Objective: Complete all chapters on Easy.

You Swine (Bronze)
Objective: Beat Pigsy to the top of the Decaying Titan.

Bad Doggy (Bronze)
Objective: Rescue Trip from the Dog in less than 36 seconds.

Got the Horn (Bronze)
Objective: Rescue Trip from the Rhino in less than 35 seconds.

Lover, Not a Fighter (Bronze)
Objective: Sneak past a group of enemies without alerting them.

Matador (Bronze)
Objective: Kill the Rhino without getting hit by his Charge Attack.

Mined the Gap (Bronze)
Objective: Knock an enemy back into a mine.

Over Here! (Bronze)
Objective: Distract 20 different enemies.

Stunning (Bronze)
Objective: Stun 75 different enemies.

Close Call (Bronze)
Objective: Kill a Broadcaster with 1 second left on the clock.

Boom! (Bronze)
Objective: Use the Bomb Takedown to kill 2 enemies.

Role Reversal (Bronze)
Objective: Use the Gun Scout Hijack Takedown to kill 10 enemies.

Out Cold (Bronze)
Objective: Stun 3 enemies at once with a Radial Stun Blast.

Double Punch (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 25 shielded enemies with a Stun Blast then Plasma Blast combo.

Mech Murderer (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 200 enemies.

Counterintuitive (Bronze)
Objective: Perform 20 Counter Attacks.

Kebabed (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 3 enemies with a penetrating Plasma Blast.

Attacks Evasion (Bronze)
Objective: Perform 20 Evade Attacks that hit an enemy.

Invincible (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a chapter without dying (Except Chapter 1).

Got Your Back (Bronze)
Objective: Rescue Trip 3 times after she has performed an EMP.

Tough as They Come (Bronze)
Objective: Purchase all Health Upgrades.

Fighting Fit (Bronze)
Objective: Purchase all Combat Upgrades.

Check My Weapon! (Bronze)
Objective: Purchase all Staff Upgrades.

Shielded from Harm (Bronze)
Objective: Purchase all Shield Upgrades.

Mask Collector (Bronze)
Objective: Collect half of the Masks.

Tech Collector (Bronze)
Objective: Collect half of the Tech Orbs.

Monkey Magic (Silver)
Objective: Complete all chapters on Normal.

Mask Curator (Silver)
Objective: Collect all Masks.

Tech Curator (Silver)
Objective: Collect all Tech Orbs.

Great Sage Equal of Heaven (Gold)
Objective: Complete all chapters on Hard.

Untouchable (Gold)
Objective: Complete a Chapter without losing any health.

Full Loaded (Gold)
Objective: Purchase all Upgrades.

Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
Objective: Collect all ENSLAVED trophies.