ESPN Winter X Games: Snowboarding - Unlock All Boards

ESPN Winter X Games: Snowboarding - Unlock All Boards

Unlock All Boards

At main menu press X, Circle, X, X, up, down, left, right and that should do it

2 shortcuts for blackout

Here are 2 short cuts for the black out level. When u start follow the normal path. When u get to a jump then go left. after u go off another jump u will approach another one. go off it a little left off the center. u should land on a thin metal ladder. Follow the path to the end. if u miss that 1 it is ok u still have a chance of beating ur opponent. when u miss it u will approach a cave. to the right there is another ladder. go on it and it will take u to another path. follow it to the end

Get easier Money

Go to the lounge and tell the guy I want to do filming then pick cliff jump films then you will start. Then find a big ramp and do a 900 mute. Then you will get about 1500G instead of getting about 250G.

Get Sponsored

In snowboarder mode get a green lift pass and beat one competition rank C and one competition rank B keep. When you return to the centerhouse a guy will walk up to you and ask if you want to be sponsored. To get sponsored for all your gear keep beating more competitions.

Superpipe Competition Tips

To beat superpipe in snowboarder mode you will have to do a variety of tricks and not try to do the same trick more than 2 or 3 times. Wet cats give you the most points, and try to hold on to a grab as long as possible.

Get Bob Burnquist's Board

Go to the mansion and look on top of the car

Rick's Board

Go to the mansion 3rd floor and go up the slope and grind the dinosaur

Get new arcade mode

Using arcade mode get all 36 licenses and go to the stage select screen and press Circle

Get Big Heads

Use arcade mode to get 30 licenses and go to the character select screen and press Square X

Get extra Boards

After unlocking Another mode a level until you get all licenses for that level. Each one will unlock a new board.

Get Rick's Board on Boat

On the 1st floor in the back of the boat grind the rail

Unlock Colin's ultimate board

Go to the ruins level and the ramp that has a rail connected to it. grind it and you will receive the ultimate board.

Hidden Boards

Bob Burnquist's board in New York City Go to the roof with billboards. Grind from billboard to billboard. Land on a truck then grind on the wires to the building. Grind on more wires then jump down to get the board

Bob Burnquist's board in L.A. Get to the mansion. The board is on top of the car.

Carlos de Andrade's board in Ruins Go to the platform where a big quarterpipe with the arch on the left is located. Lip Grind the quarterpipe over the arch and continue grinding. Stop at the wall and drop down to get the board

Chris Senn's board in New York Go up the hallway the way you get onto the billboards to the next level. Then turn around and look down the hallway and the hidden board will be in the air. Wall Ride to get the board

Chris Senn's board in San Francisco From the start, go down the hill and take the first left turn. Go all the way down to the corner, where there is a group of extra bonus points and the fifth checkpoint. Do not grind to get them. Instead, go under the rail you grind on to find a house. The hidden board can be found on the left side of the house

Collin McKay's board in Ruins Go to the area with zombies on a high platform. Jump off of the platform towards the waterfall to get the board

Rick's board in Museum In the third room, go up the slope and grind the dinosaur to get the board

Rick's board in Boat Go to the first floor in the back of the boat on the grind rail

Chris Senn's Board in L.A.

Go near the semi pipe in L.A.. Turn left there's a jump.Go off that jump.If you do the gap then you'll see it.

Easy Money 2

First, using the first money code earn enough money to buy a Burton snowboard titled BMC 62 or 56. Equip it and go to the 2nd guy at the counter. Talk 2 him and select filming. Select Cross Over Films. Now, when you start go to the right and go off the first ramp. Do a grab. Skip the 2nd ramp and go to the 1 right before the big jump. Do a grab for that 1. Then, go off the last big jump and do a spin, rodeo, or backflip and land it. You should earn around 3,000G each time.

Spin Faster

When you are playing superpipe or any competition, if you want to get many extra points then do the following: when you go of a jump that u think you will do a bigg trick on, do a spinning grab but then when you are in the air, keep hitting the directional button on the d-pad in the direction you are spinning. But be careful not to spin to much other wise you might bale.note-works best on big air mode.

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