Evergrace - Get unlimited Stat Pumping

Evergrace - Get unlimited Stat Pumping

Get unlimited Stat Pumping

Not really a cheat, but you can pump your characters' stats for as long as you have the patience at a couple of spots.

With Sharline, there is a plant critter that appears near the first crystal she sees. Kill it and it drops a Blue Fruit, every time along with cash, usually. The Blue Fruit allows you to spread five points among your stats. Go through the crystal to the shop to get the screen to reset, and return. The same critter will be there, and killing him will again get you a fruit.

Darius has at least one similar spot that I have found, but requires more work to get pull off. In the upper shrine, in the far east corridor is a Rock Golem. Killing him seems to drop a Red Fruit twice as good as the Blue each time he's killed. You still have to reset the screen with a visit to the shop, which is far off, but it can be done. The limit to stat increases from fruit is 200 for each. Darius' early Blue Fruit creature is the Paraday near the fountain.

Stat Pumping

There is one other place for Darius, it's at the very beginning at the first Crystal Pillar. Go into the shop then come back out again just as you would for "Stat Pumping" and kill the Melon Rat then go to the right through that Greek looking arch thing there will be a Parody there which will also drop a blue fruit, not as good as red... but hey its the very beginning of the game, then repeat the steps and go into the shop come out kill it again and there you go another blue fruit, I also noticed that if you do this you gets lots of money but a way to get even more is to not equip anything that lowers your luck and use your hands to beat them but don't go up to the rat and wasp and kill'em in one hit "play" with them they pay off usually if you knock them backwards, I bought all the paliedo armor upgraded it to level 2 and got my stats to 85 and got the Tear Blade up to level 2 before I even went past the old man through the gate :. Theres also 2 other place's for Darius but there's no fruit involved but its a quick and large boost in moola, it's right before you get the bridge to work again at Ruebane <--- probably spelled that wrong Castle those blue guys that have the flower for a head can pay off big if you "play" with them and their all over the place too just do the shop[ thing and they come back, the other place is right when you enter the Ice Cavern if you run around in there before you break the block of ice Doesn't matter if you break it or notthere's a bunch of Ice Wasp's in there that also pay big when "played" with,.. ohh if you really need the cash use a blessing ring The ring that boosts your luck through the roof at all three of these places.

Red Fruit for Sharline

In the Human Research Lab kill the Dravolts on the First Floor. Dravolts are what look like "Mutants" of the Bodulums.

Transportation Palmira Sequence

After getting the Billiana Fruit, head over to the Commander's Room after getting the Master 2F Key which unlocks all blue doors. You and Morpheus have a convorsation and you have to fight Ammit. After killing Ammit, Flip the lever in the corner and go back behind the desk. You should see a Switch. Go back in front of the desk and read the book. Then go hit the switch. Go find the place where it had the gate and said, "Locked Area" and go throughbe speedy, because it only opens for a SHORT time. After you make it through, stand on the panel and press X. the sequence is Blue,Red,Black.

Billiana Fruit Location

In the Human Research Lab, Find the hallway with the person in it. Walk up to him and hit X to take the fruit.

Kill the Critters

In Castle Rieubane, there are cute little rat-like things. They steal items from you. KILL THE CRITTERS Their really called Critters. I've bought the card.

Harder hits to the enemy

If you want to give harder hits to the enemy hold up and press square and it does double the damage you do when you just press square. It sometimes kills the enemy in one shot too but it takes more power than it normally does

Palmira action disadvantage

So you thought that Palmira action had nothing wrong with it, well thing again because even though it might dodge enemy attacks or kill them faster and easier it runs out a hell of a lot faster I once used the speed boots or whatever they're called and mine ran out in under 30 seconds So the Palmira action is not as good as you think it is.

Find secret area

To get into the secret area you'll have to get a dark crystal and go to a blue crystal with the shop and go into status and go into items now go to the the dark crystal and select it and it will say do you want to go to the secret dungeon or something like that and select yes. I highly recommend that you save it because there's no save points there so if you die you'll have to start all the way from the beginning a again. So all I have to say is SAVE SAVE SAVE

Sienna's diary

To read Sienna's diary you have to start with Sharline and wait till the house goes boom. After it does go boom go back into the house get the bow on the bed and go to the table and press X and it will say do you want to read Sienna's diary? Answer YES and you'll start to read.


You know that guy that falls of the cliff into the water after he meets Darius. You hear him say "the cursed mark" but you can't hear him splash and when you look down the cliff he's mysteriously disappeared.


When you start the game go to training and go to training games and go to offense. When you start the 7 on 7 game you can remove the Playstaion2 disc and still keep on playing but with no music.

Shop discounts

To get discounts in the shop you have to get a mushroom and give it to the guy that owns the shop. After you do he'll say "I'll give you a discount on your next purchase" and all the items there will be at half price but if you leave the shop and return it will be back to normal price.

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