F/A18 Hornet


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To reach extreme speeds and get where you are going just turn off crash and all the other stuff that can be damaged in difficulty then start a mission and cruise the ground on full afterburners then when you reach 700mph cut down to 100 and then your speed will increase to whatever speed you like but it takes a very long time to brake to 0.

To reach extreme altitude be a B52G or an AWACplenty of fuel and contiue straight up on full afterburner till you reach space and believe me you will know when you reach space because you loose control and if you look back well I'll let you see for your self.Once when I was in space I saw some mixed up weird lookin lights maybe it was a space station or a space shuttle

These are some commands the manual doesn't give.

Try pressing shift G at the same time and someone will tell you which runway to goto and if it is clear for departure.

Try pressing shift 1234567890 at the same time one number at a time and there will be different views of your jet so you can watch your missiles and bombs fly.

Taxi over to the Reload/ReFuel zone and press apple X and shoot yourself in the head with your pistol all it does is end whatever mission your on and goto debrief. I don't remember but I think you get courtmarshled for executing yourself though.

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