Family Feud 2010

Family Feud 2010



Rags to riches!
Objective: Win $20,000 in a show

Sunday BBQ
Objective: Host 10 online games within 24 hours

Family Fun!
Objective: Complete 2 shows in a row

We are family!
Objective: Win an online game

Goodbye, Mr. Anderson!
Objective: Win show 1


Family Safe!
Objective: Win a round with no strike

Benchmark Citizen!
Objective: Give all the top answers in the Fast Money round

Family Business!
Objective: While playing online, steal boards worth over a cumulated total of 2000 points

Online Vendetta!
Objective: Win 20 online games

Reigning family!
Objective: Win all 12 shows

Secret Trophies:

Secret Trophy
Objective: Continue to play to unlock this secret trophy.

Feudal lord!
Objective: Create a complete custom character

The incident!
Objective: Steal a board worth over 150 points from the other family in an online game

Hot potato!
Objective: In an online game, pass a survey to the other family that they fail to answer