F.E.A.R. 3

F.E.A.R. 3 F.E.A.R. 3


A Precursor (Bronze)
Objective: In the Poker Room of Prison, kill all 3 enemies with headshots before slo-mo ends

Almost Halfway (Bronze)
Objective: Attain Rank 10

Art Collector (Bronze)
Objective: Pin 100 total enemies with The Penetrator or Leaper knives.

Big Brother's Helper (Bronze)
Objective: As Fettel, suspend 100 enemies that Pointman kills

Completionist (Bronze)
Objective: Complete every challenge at least once

Dead Blind (Bronze)
Objective: Spend an entire round of Contractions in deep fog without going into Last Stand

Doll Collector (Bronze)
Objective: Find the Alma Doll on every Mission

Earl of Pain (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 1000 enemies by any method in any game mode.

Extremist (Bronze)
Objective: Complete any campaign level on INSANE without reloading checkpoints or going into Last Stand.

Footy Foul (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 2 enemies with 1 Slide Kick during Slo-Mo

Handle with Care (Bronze)
Objective: Return 30 crates in one game of Contractions

Hanging 20 (Bronze)
Objective: Complete wave 20 in Contractions

Head Crab Removal (Bronze)
Objective: 20 kills with a crowbar

I F.E.A.R. Nothing! (Bronze)
Objective: Finish a wave of Contractions on INSANE without anyone going in Last Shard

I'm not a Doctor, I'm a Medic! (Bronze)
Objective: Perform 50 revives in any game mode

Indecisive (Bronze)
Objective: Possess 20 different enemies in one round of Soul King

Insider Trading (Bronze)
Objective: Possess every type of possessable enemy

Little Brother's Helper (Bronze)
Objective: As Pointman, kill 100 enemies suspended by Fettel

Monarch (Bronze)
Objective: Win 20 rounds of Soul King

No can defense! (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 100 enemies with the Jump Kick or Sllide Kick

Score Manager (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 30 challenges in one interval

Soul Gatherer (Bronze)
Objective: Attain a total of 6,000 Souls in one round of Soul King

Soul Hoarder (Bronze)
Objective: Attain a total of 25,000 Souls across all rounds of a Soul King match

Spiritually Attuned (Bronze)
Objective: Make 100 Psychic Links (Share or Steal)

State-of-the-Art. Bang, Bang! (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 10 enemies in a row with Sniper Rifle headshots

Supreme Challenger (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 500 total challenges between all categories

That's a lot of Zeros (Bronze)
Objective: Attain a total of 250,000 points through challenges.

Unstoppable! (Bronze)
Objective: Win all 5 rounds of a 5-round Soul King match

We'll Try Again Tomorrow! (Bronze)
Objective: Survive 3 waves in Contractions in a row without anyone bringing back a crate

God Among Men (Silver)
Objective: Kill 250 total enemies during Slo-Mo

You've got the Touch! (Silver)
Objective: Attain Rank 21

Man Mode (Gold)
Objective: Finish the Campaign on INSANE difficulty

Mission...accomplished? (Gold)
Objective: Finish the Campaign on any difficulty (all intervals complete)

Master of F.E.A.R. (Platinum)
Objective: Received all other trophies

Secret Trophies

Get To The Chopper (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Interval 02

Homecoming King (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Interval 08

Pain, In Bulk (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Interval 03

Prison Impossible (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Interval 01

Terminal Victory (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Interval 07

Through The Haystack (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Interval 05

Town Hall Beating (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Interval 04

Trouble Cross (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Interval 06

Yo, Adrian! (Bronze)
Objective: Find something worth punching!

Cannibal Run (Silver)
Objective: Attain a total of 95,000 score on Interval 03

Crossing Over (Silver)
Objective: Attain a total of 70,000 score on Interval 06

Dream Score (Silver)
Objective: Attain a total of 50,000 score on Interval 08

House Arrest (Silver)
Objective: Attain a total of 105,000 score on Interval 04

Magna Slum Laude (Silver)
Objective: Attain a total of 85,000 score on Interval 02

Point Authority (Silver)
Objective: Attain a total of 110,000 score on Interval 07

Point Taken (Silver)
Objective: Attain a total of 110,000 score on Interval 05

Up The River (Silver)
Objective: Attain a total of 95,000 score on Interval 01