Final Fantasy XV


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Open Locked Vault Doors in Dungeons:
At the end of some Dungeons there will be locked vault doors that when unlocked will lead to secret endgame dungeons that have higher level enemies and better rewards. There are 8 locked vaults in total that lead to endgame raids and they are listed as follows:

Keycatrich - Level 55

Grotto - Level 65

Fociaugh - Level 65

Daurell - Level 72

Balouve - Level 78

Steyliff - Level 86

Crestholm - Level 92

Costlemark - Level 99
These endgame raids are only accessible after finishing the story.

Unlimited Sprint:
Before sprinting turn on the Stamina Bar at the 'Pause' screen. When you sprint the stamina will deplete but if you let go of the sprint button just before the Stamina Bar depletes (within 0,6 seconds before it depletes) Noctis will glow green and the stamina bar will instantly refill. If you keep doing this you will be able to sprint continually.

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