Fire Pro Wrestling A - Winning a grapple


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Winning a grapple

First, always use the proper strength of attack. For the first attacks, solely use the B button, and the Bdirectional button attacks. These are the light attacks, and have the greatest chance of success on a fresh opponent. Second, time your attacks correctly When the two wrestlers are about to grapple, wait for the moment when their arms make contact. At exactly this time, you should enter the button command for the move you want to execute. It's okay to be slightly early, but the computer opponent is challenging, and will make you pay if you're off the mark. The same holds true for countering rear holds. As soon as your opponent grabs you from behind, hit the A or B button to counter. A good way to gauge when you should progress from B light to A medium to AB strong attacks is the amount of time your opponent takes to get up off the mat. Continue using light attacks and strikes if the opponent is always on his feet or always springing right back up. If you have time to use two ground strikes when he's downed, you should move on to medium attacks. If you have plenty of time to maneuver after he's downed, or your opponent is starting to tire/dizzy, it's time to finish him off with lots of heavy AB attacks. Most importantly, don't button mash. This isn't that kind of game. Don't get frustrated, and enjoy the tactical element of this fun wrestler

Hidden wrestlers

The following are found after unlocking all the wrestlers.

"The Runner" KLEEBO is HBK Shawn Micheals
"Slim Jim" Mr. Mann is Macho Man Randy Savage
" The Lastman" OMEGA is Mick Foley
"Godfather" MADMAN MUSKI is Vince McMahon
"Dragon Soldier" YASU OHHASHI is Kaz Hayashi
"Shining Dragon" AZTECA DRAGON is Ultimo Dragon
"Darkman" KILLA KALANI is The Nature Boy Ric Flair

Replacement moves

Body Clutch Suplex: Rock bottom
Deep Freeze: Stunner
Arm Hold w/Headlock: Crossface
2x Arm Facebuster: Pedigree
Mouth Claw: Mandible Claw

All Wrestlers

Go into Edit Wrestler and change the h3 to 'ALL' for the nickname 'STYLE' for the First Name and 'CLEAR' for the Last Name. Set Exchange to Off Middle to Space and press Start.

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