Fish Tycoon

Fish Tycoon


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Unlimited Money
If you place any species or random fish in the isolation tank you can get unlimited amounts of money by holding 9 when setting the price until 'infinity' appears and then selling that fish.

Any fish that you have from Isola will not die of old age.

Change Species
The following trick can be used to change the species and fins of your fish without an unknown chemical or Wasp Grouper. Place a fish in the isolation tank and type 'mutation'. An alphabetical list of fish species, then a list of fin types will appear. Select any non-magical fish desired.

Quick Growth
This is my first cheat and this cheat is for people who have over9999 cash or more and what you do is make a fish pregnant and use 2-3 bottles of growth hormohe in the tank and your baby fish that are in side the adult fish will come out as adult fish.

Trophy Fish

Orange Snooper:
Parents:golden fruitfish and wasp arrowfish
Grand Parents: Wasp arrowfish&speckled leaffish (golden fruitfish) and wasp arrowfish&wasp arrowfish
Crison Comet:
Parents:greenfin spontanus and canary snout
Grand Parents:greenfin spotanus&greenfin spotanus and Orange snooper and wasp arrowfish (canary snout)

Unlock Magic Fish

When you breed the following combinations of fish you unlock the corresponding Magic Fish.

Unlock Speckled Leaffish - Magical Fish of Sustenance:
Mix Orange Stickfish and Twin-Fin Beta Orange or Spotanus and Twin-Fin Fruitfish

Unlock Crimson Comet - Magical Fish of Curing:
Mix Speckled Stickfish and Orange Goldbulb or Orange Fatfish and Speckled Bananafish

Unlock Oriental Goldbulb - Magical Fish of Growth:
Mix Greenfin Leaffish and Fanned Fire-Arrow or Crimson Comet and Orange Goldbulb

Unlock Orange Snooper - Magical Fish of Health:
Mix Fanned Arrowfish and Stubby Fruitfish or Orange Fruitfish and Orange Snout

Unlock Canary Fire-Arrow - Golden Guppy of Isola:
Mix Crimson Comet and Fanned Fatfish or Orange Snooper and Canary Flashfish

Unlock Wasp Grouper - Magical Fish of Mutation:
Mix Spined Comet and Silky Beta or Orange Beta and Snubbed Comet

Unlock Greenfin Spotanus - Magical Fish of Fertility:
Mix Twin-Fin Spotanus and Spined Spotanus

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