Freedom Fighters - Unlimited ammo weapons

Freedom Fighters - Unlimited ammo weapons

Unlimited ammo weapons

Enable cheats by finding the file freedom.ini in the game's folder and adding the line:

EnableConsole 1

Now during gameplay press to get the console and enter a code below

giveall - get all weapons

god 1 - Invincibility

infammo - Unlimited ammo

invisible 1 - Get invisibility

Various Cheats

During gameplay, enter any of these cheats...

Unlimited Ammo - IOIAMMO


Sniper Rifle - IOISNIPER

Enemy Cannot See You - IOIBLIND

Ressurect - IOIGOD

Full Charisma - IOICHARISMA


Rocket Launcher - IOIROCKET

Heavy Gun - IOIHGUN



Slow Motion - IOISLOWMO

Get Liberty Island Stage

Finish the game one time using any difficulty level

Level help

So stuck on a hard board? Maybe cant get by an area? Use the manholes to travel to different parts of the level and then do objectives there which will help you in the previous level.

Some Nice Support

When in tough battles its best to use your fellow freedom fighters-they can provide cover for you, take out certain targets, and even set up flanks for you. Enjoy

Tunnel System

Hey, in a bad situation during a level? Hop in the sewers located underground and skip to a different point in the level. Works for me