Freestyle Metal X - Cheats

Freestyle Metal X - Cheats


Unlock the following cheats with these case-sensitive codes

All Riders & Bikes - dudemaster
All Songs - hearall
All Videos - watchall
All Outfits - johnnye
All Levels & Events - universe
All Bike Parts - garageking
All Special Stunt Slots - fleximan
All Poster & photo Slots - seeall
Get 1 million cash - sugardaddy

How to get easy money

First select a player then pick a bike. Then at the level select screen press left and there will be a screen that says daredevil stunts. Then if you have a daredevil admit one ticket you can enter a contest. The one that is easiest to get alot of money is the car jump, once you completed it once it will ask you do you want to end event and take cash or the choice of double or nothing. If you can do that alot of times you can get over 10,000 dollars. make sure you preload and use the speed boost.

Secret characters

I've only got four secret characters. To get Daryl: do sky fortress 1. To get Hector: do sky fortress 2. To get Brittany: kind of hard this one, especially with stupid music do Sky fortress 3. To get Tito Ortiz: do sky fortress 4. got Chad and ami yes I spelt ami right 'cause you start with them.

Easy can-can over the lake

When you are asked to do a can-can over the lake in rodeo rise all you have to do is get enough speed to clear the lake but don't do the can-can just yet after you clear the jump without doing any tricks just turn around and hold R1 to use the shocks and jump right into the water and BOOM Objective passed By the way this code is very hard And there is a hidden poster to the right of the ramp before the jump