Alice in Wonderland (+6 Trainer) [DEViATED]

Alice in Wonderland (+6 Trainer) [DEViATED]

Alice in Wonderland (+6 Trainer) [DEViATED]

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                   . .. p R O U D L Y  p R E S E N T S . ..
           Alice in Wonderland (initial version) PLUS 6 TRAINER
            Date.........: 7/03/2010       Releaser: KEMiCZA
            Type.........: TRAINER         Options.: 6
            OS...........: WIN 7           Size....: 1xsmall
            Game EXE Size: RLD CRACK       Supplier: RELOADED
  Trainer tested on Win7, on RELOADED crack, sorry for delay, but ViTALiTY
  didn't have a proper crack.
    Hotkey    No.   Option
    Num1      1     Unlimited freeze time
    Num2      2     Faster run speed
    Num3      3     Teleport SAVE
    Num4      3     Teleport LOAD
    Num5      4     Super jump
    Num6      5     Unlimited Health
    Num7      6     Increase points
  Trainer tested on Windows 7.
  No.1: Freezes objects for an infite long time.
  No.2: This will enable you to run much faster.
  No.3: Save and load your current players position, make sure you save first.
  No.4: Makes your player(s) jump higher.
  No.5: Gives your player(s) unlimited health, you can't die.
  No.6: Enable the option then press ENTER to go to menu. You'll see your points
        have been increased. Repeat this process to keep increasing the points.
        You might notice after ingame when you play the points are still the same,
        but actually it's value is just not refreshed yet, just hit something and
        it'll pop to the correct amount.
  If you have any other questions please visit and
  let me/us know!
  All members of team DEViATED: STN, eXtreme, Psych
  Extalia(rip), brewers, unleashed, ces, aspras, Jay-N, @EFNET #gamehacking
  Peeps from forums :), and all I forgot.
  EMAiL: team[dot]dvt[at]live[dot]com
  [ JOIN US ]
  We are currently looking for
  - Skilled Gamehackers
  - GFX'ers
  - ASCII Artists
  - Or anyway you think you can help us, contact us right away!
  - Girls who like to join us, please don't.. We already have girlfriends and
    we're very social people.
  - Midgets, because they're cute and sexy. Like STN!
        NFO ART: CoaXCable/CoolPHat

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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