Futurama - CHEAT ROOM

Futurama - CHEAT ROOM


In old New York City, the second part of it, there is a fridge or a radiator thing on the ground on its side. jump up and grab onto its side and then jump across and you'll find a nibbler 70 and loads of items, hope this helps

Get Machine Gun

If your getting battered by the red light district death troopers and robots with the not powerful at all pistol , then you need the machine gun located at the first SLURM truck you come to. All you need to do to get it is blast open the trucks big metal doors and there it will be alongside some other goodies as well

Bender Saver

In all of Benders levels only use his spin special thing on bosses etc or when surrounded by enemies also on Frys Levels it is quite hard on the Sewer level so try and find as much money as possible