Gangsters 2 - All Spy Reportsbr

Gangsters 2 - All Spy Reportsbr
Hex Cheats

Submitted by Dansterr

All Spy Reports:
Enter the h3 'bangagong' for Joey Bane.

5 Star Specialists:
Enter the name '> 00 <'.

Debug Mode:
In the Isometric View not the nickh3 box hold Shift and type 'THIS TIME AROUND' or 'I LOVE A1'. Debug Mode gives you money and 5 star gangsters.

5 Star Gangsters:
To get a 5 star gangster with 5 tommy guns and 2 bombs, go to the street view. Right-click on any street, hold left-shift key, and type "this time around" using spaces between each word. You will get a 5 star gangster will you have to pay 200 as a wage.

10,000 and powered-up gangsters:
Hold [Left Shift] and type i love a. Release [Left Shift] and press 1. Note: None of the gangsters can be selected or highlighted before entering the code.

Easy Kill, Easy Go.
On the first level/part you have to kill a gang that like to hang about on a corner. Well to kill them, spimply get in a car, drive past them and shoot. Go back and shoot again without them seeing too much of you. Go to hospital if needed.