Golden Sun - Use Names of Your Comrads

Golden Sun - Use Names of Your Comrads

Use Names of Your Comrads

When you enter your h3 before you press anything press Select Select Select.
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Rename characters

When prompted to enter a new name for Robin, press Select3. Enter a new name for Robin, and you can now enter a new name for Gerald, Ivan, and Mary. Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Select to enter new names for the other remaining characters.

Easy experience and gold

Walk outside towns and battle monsters, but do not wander too far away. Use Herbs, Nuts, or anything else that cures your characters. When you run out of magic to heal or need to buy more Herbs, return to town. Go inside the inn or item shop and get cured. Note: You may want to do both. All the gold that you received from battle goes towards curing yourself, but is worth it since you will gain levels faster. Repeat those steps until reaching the desired level. Note: You may want to repeat this trick when you see a change of monsters levels.

Pynergy Stones

When you find a purple Psynergy Stone, get it. If you leave, and come back later, it will have returned. may not work in all areas

Easy Raise to Big Summon Attacks

To easily have Judgment, Meteor, Thor, or Boreas before you battle a boss, Press A and select Djinn. Go to Issac, and press R on the Djinn you want on standby. Do the same with your whole party. Then battle On the first turn you can use these 4 attacks. All toeghter about 3000 damage can be done.

Earth Djinn Locations

Ok i'll show EVERY earth djinn location to you most of everyone who plays golden sun does know where they are but i just want to show where they are.Flint:obvious, outside valeGranite:kolima, go behind a house,shop whateverQuartz:mogall forestVine:ona small island after getting out of lamakan desertSap:vault cave requiers reveal, and bone for dogGround:kalay docks go around the sea once you have crossed it.Bane:Crossbone isle, don't use douse on the tempest lizard

Get Power Bread In Vale

Once Ivan has joined your party go to Vale.North of the Psynergy Stone there will be two leaf passages.Use Ivan's whirlwindPsynergyto clear the leaves so you can go through the entrance of the cave. Go in the cave and get the Power Bread. The Power Bread increases your maximum HP. The second leaf passage is considered nothing.

Get Granite Venus in Kolima Village

In Kolima Village go to the house with the djiin in a fence. Go on the opposite side of the house from the front door. Press down and you will get in a secret passage. Go down the ladder and find your way to a different ladderit's not difficult. Go up the ladder you found and you will be able to go inside the fence. When you get Granite you don't have to fight him. To get outside the fence go back the way you came in.

Extra missions

Collect all djinn and when you finish the game wait untill the credits end and then you will be able to finish 3 more missions.

Loads of money

When you finish mercury lighthouse and get hermes water sell it and go back and get some more keep repeating that until you have loads of money.

Find wind dijin in Vale

Once you get the lift gem and you are al least in Kalay, go back to Vale and go to Kradens house. Go back down the stairs and there will be a rock that you must use 'lift' nd there will be an opening, go through it, and run into the cave. Once you go in, you will see a circle of rocks, jump on the first one, use reveal, and you'll see a rock in the miidle that gets you to the other side, solve a simple puzzle and open a chest before you fight this dijin. You will find the 'halt gem' equip it, and go to the dijin he will run away but wait till he hides behind the rocks. Use 'halt' and fight the dijin. Be prepared.

Fire Mage class for Ivan

Get all the Djinn 28 in all then give Ivan six Mars Fire Djinn and one Jupiter Wind Djinni. He should now be a Fire Mage.

Druid class for Ivan and Mia

First, collect all the Djinn. Then put six Venus Earth Djinn and one Jupiter Wind Djinni on Ivan and you should have the Druid class For Mia do the same except have one Mercury Water Djinni instead of the Jupiter Djinni. Druid is best for Mia, because she should have all Earth healing moves like Revive, and she will still have her Wish, Wish Well, and Pure Wish moves

The mysterious sunken ship

When you get to the top floor of the venus lighthouse SAVE but in a different file....all will become clear and when you beat the fusion dragon babi will give you the black orb so u can raise the sunken ship the one you saw earlier on in the game

Elven Rapier

Outside Bilibin Cave, trade Flint and Forge so that Issac would know Growth. Cast it on the small plant and climp up the vine. Within the cave, you can find an artifact called the Elven Rapier. It can be gotten before the Kolima Forest incident, too.

Restore HP with less PP

To start, the health points works with percents. For example, If Isaac has 400/500 health and all his Djinn are set. Now it would trake two herbs to heal this sucker or cure well. Thats a waste of perfectly good money and PP Now if you place his 7 djinn on stand-by assuming that they each gave him 50 HP, his max health would drop to 150. Since the max HP has dropped to 30 of its total, the current hp must do the same. Thus the final health would look like 120/150. Then you only need to use one herb or cure Much less PP and cash This works for every character though does not nescessarily look the same. When you have properly healed them with this low hp. Re-set the Djinn and there health will go back to normal

How to get Feverdjinn in Imil

In Imil go up the stairs to the snowman.Once you're right in front oh the snowman use Move to move the snowman to the left which will fall off the cliff onto the ice. Go on the ice and slide your way into the cave at the north of the icy river.There you will see the djinn, FeverMars.You don't have to battle Fever to get him.

Beat Saturos and Menardi

All you have to do is SAVE right before you go down the shoot. Then walk around and raise your partys level. Raise their level up to at least 30 each or if you want more. Try not to get cusred or haunted and save because you have to start all over again. You would have to go to a healer and heal yourself. So good luck you will need it

Get to Crossbone Isle

If you go to Suhulla Desert, you must go after the hurricane that followed you. Go to the "stone circle" and use "Reveal". Follow the footsteps, get the Mars Djinn and go through the tunnel. Get to the end and go outside. You'll see a red hurricane. Step in, but don't use "Douse" and you'll be warped to Crossbone Isle, some bonus thingy...

Ninjas and Samurais

this will only work if you have all 28 djinn.

first give all fire djinn to isaac and all earth djinn to garret. then trade 4 fire djinn for 4 wind djinn from another party member. isaac will become a ninja. then trade 4 water for 4 earth djinn and garret will become a ninja. this helps alot because you will get cheaper versions of earlier psynergy that have the potential of 500 damage with moves like annialation and death plunge if you are at higher levels. if not, you can still get 300 damage at around level 35.

to be a samurai, trade back so isaac has 4 fire djinn and 3 wind djinn. do the same with garret so he has 4 earth and 3 water djinn. they will become samurai. they will have less powerful psynergy but will have much higher HP and stats.

Get Water Djinn in Xain

First you have to find this one girl that is carrying water. After that, you have to talk to her when she takes one step towards the camera after it looks like she dumps it out. Then, if you did it right there will be a puddle of water on the ground where she spilled her water. Use frost on it. Then, go up the stairs to your left and you should be able to jump on the icicle and jump over on to the land that has the Djinn on it. You don't even have to fight it

Get GustWind Djinn In Bilbin

Go up the stairs in Bilbin next to the Temple of the Great Healer.There you will be able to walk on the wooden logs that make the Bilbin border.Walk on the path of wooden logs until you get to a small area with leaves on the wall.Use Ivan's wirlwind psynergy to blow the leaves out of the way.Go through the passage.There will be a statue that looks like the one in the center of the town.Move the statue out of the way and hop across the water where you will see Gustwind.You don't have to battle him to get him.

Waterfall Djinn

In the mercury lighthouse theres a bunch ofwaterfalls. The fourth one you see can be entered and has a mercurry djinn in it. You have to fight it to retrieve it.


Carry plenty of herbs in dungeons. Even a small task in a dungeon can wipe you out. You will save more money by doing this than by having to revive one of your team members. You will also always have all your team members ready to fight.


Use the inns whenever needed. Inns are your best and cheapest source to get healed quickly. Use them even for minor damage, or just to recover lost Psyenergy. Inns are inexpensive and efficient.

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