Gothic III - Cheat Mode


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Cheat Mode
Open the ge3.ini file in the "Gothic3/Ini" folder and change the following line in Notepad:




You can then press tilde key [] while playing to bring up the console, and type any of the following codes:

God - God mode
Invisibility - Invisibility mode
Teach all - Learn all skills lowers stats to 0
Kill - Kills selected target
Give [item] - Gives specified item
Give gold x - Gives x gold doesn't work with patch
Give money x Gives x gold doesn't work with patch
Spawn [item] - Spawns specified item/creature
idkfa - gives you all items, skills...
Help - show commands
fullhealth - make you healthy
give CatArmor - all armors
give CatWeapon - all weapons
give CatArtefact - all artefats
control - control character
watch - control camera
teach STR x - set strength
teach DEX x - set dexternity /hunting skill/
teach INT x - set intelligence ancient knowledge
teach ALC x - set alchemy skills
teach SMT x - set smith skills
teach THF x - set thief skills
teach HP x - set health
teach MP x - set mana
teach SP x - set energy
teach LP x - set learning points


[F1] - Screenshot
[F2] - Fenster/Vollbild Modus
[F3] - Framerate
[F4] - ?
[F5] - Quicksave
[F6] - Zeitraffer an/aus
[F7] - Slowdown time
[F8] - Reset Character - PRETTY USEFUL
[F9] - Quickload

Remove Autoupdate from the Game Start:
Right-click on "Launch Gothic III" desktop shortcut, and select "Properties". Change target to "C:Program FilesGothic IIIGothic3.exe". You can run autoupdate manually by going to C:Program FilesGothic III and clicking on kupdate.exe or make a shortcut to this app.

Remove Intro Movie:
Go to "C:Program FilesGothic IIIIni", open logo.ini file using Notepad, and remove all the entries from it.

You may also want to delete "G3Intro.bik" to remove the actual game intro. This can be found in C:Program FilesGothic IIIDataVideo or whatever your game installationion directories path is. I left "G3Intro.bik" alone because it can be quickly skipped by pressing the esc key.

G3Credits.bik also can be removed if desired.

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