Grand Theft Auto 2 - Various Cheats

Grand Theft Auto 2 - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

Name Effect
BIGGUNS All Weapons
SESAME All Levels
INFINITY Infinite Energy
BADBOYZ Start with Max Wanted Level
BOYAKASH Start with Multiplier at 5x
ULTIMATE Start with 10000000 Cash
DBLWAMMY Infinite Double Damage Powerup
BIGFRIES Infinite Electro Gun Weapon
TOASTIES Infinite Flame Thrower Weapon
SCOOBYDO Infinite Invisibility Powerup
WOUNDED Blood Splats On
ALLFREND Max Respect from Each Gang
ERRHUH All Pedestrians are Elvis
BIGCATS 99 Lives
LOSTTOYS Keep Weapons After Death

More Money

Use the h3 MUCHCASH save your game and exit. Go to the Main Menu and select Resume Saved Game for MUCHCASH. This will add another 500000. Repeat as much as necessary.
Submitted by Brent Hammontree

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