Halo 2 - Easy way to kill hunters

Halo 2 - Easy way to kill hunters
Easy way to kill hunters:
For this to work you have to be in two player. One person has to get a sniper rifle or a covenent. Have the other person get a weapon that has a good melee attack. Have the guy who has the sniper rifle or a covenent set up in a location were other aliens will have a hard time getting them. Have the person who has the gun go after the hunter so he doesnt shoot the other person. While the your parter is in a melee attack with the hunter shoot it in the head or waist. You will kill it after three or four shots.

Another pretty easy way to kill hunters:
All you Halo freaks out there will remember in Halo:PC & CE you could simply do a little stroll to the left then shoot the hunter it is orange spot to kill it. Well that tactic hasn't completely vanished. If you get your timing PERFECT then you can simply stroll to the side and fill the orange zone with lead preferably, lead is better than plasma sustain fire for a short while. After doing this 1-3 times the hunter will be dead. This is especially effective with a sniper rifle. DW Smgs or Magnums.

Alternate way to killing hunters:
Simply find a fixed turret, the human ones are best and give them a body full of it they will die INCREDIBLY fast. A good place to do this is near the beginning of "Outskirts".

A 3rd way of killing a hunter:
When they are approaching but not charging at you you can simply fire a shot into their orange stomach and you will kill them with a shot each in easy.

A final way of killing hunters:
Have two people one with a sniper or battle rifle or anything effective and the other with the same. Then get one player to bait the hunter. Then they can fill the hunters spot with bullets however they person behind can hit the more vunerable back area with bullets. And the effectiveness of this is that even if one person dies you will probably win and if the hunters decides to stop bashing you and attacks the other guy then you can fill he's back with bullets and he the front.

How to get to the roof of the building:
1: First put warthogs on map
2: You need to team up with your enemyit'll be lots easier
3: Park warthog under roof hole
4: Press the jump button real fast & hold forward
5: For your enemy to get up he/she needs to aim at you with a sword & quickly press Black, Black, Black, Z & he/she will fly to you
6: Jump on each others head and jump up
7: For the next person to get up your enemy needs to do the flying thing again

First you start on the second city level.The level with the huge bridge. You then kill all of your guys, after killing them hop in the warthog and drive down the bridge till you get past the large hole. It should say that you passed a checkpoint. Get out of the warthog and kill your guys up on the side of the bridge, then wait for a banshee to come after you. Let the banshee shoot at you while you dodge the bullets, then steal it. Once you steal the banshee drive it over to one of the Phantoms. One of the phantoms will stop to drop off a wraith, while it is dropping it off fly to the top of the phantom and jump on to it. If you stay on it it will take you to places you normaly cant go. If you ride it long enough it will eventualy dissapear from underneath you.

On regret level after you've just smashed the elites, go to the next bit then you will see a pile of rubble with big pengalomes. Jump and crouch and go out on platform and you will see 2 covenant carbines and 2 plasma grenades.

Rocket jump across long distances with a human sniper it also takes a sword. Zoom in x10 and slide your thumb from Y to B and hit trigger all in a row.

I found a really fun glitch that can only be done in a zombie game. I call it the guardian glitch The power of the guardians are at your fingers. When playin zomie hold a pistol just 1 and a sword, then press Y, Y, Trigger all in a row. If done correctly it will tell the person you shoot that they have been killed by the guardians. It freeks people out, and its most affective on Foundation.

Odd Ball In Halo 2 In Single Player:
In the level Outskirts, if you just start the level, got straight and jump above the door, and try to get on the thing to the left. Hint: jump and keep clicking the duck botton, and you'll go higherget up on the platform and got to the left down a narrow path. You'll see the Oddball go over it and pick it up. WARNING IF YOU PICK UP THE ODDBALL, YOU WILL BE BLIND a.k.a. Your Health and crosshair and basicly your entire HUD will be invisable. YOU MUST TURN OFF THE XBOX AND ON AGAIN FOR THE HUD TO COME BACK

How to get ride of weapon:
1. Can only hold a plasma pistol 2. Start charging pistol and pick up a flag or bomb. 3. Tap R while jumping to get ride of flag/bomb. 4. Now you are weaponless.

On the last level, after the scarab blow up the door, take a specture and drive it off the cliff, you should not die. Then take the specture all the way around to the back of the control room. There should be a narrow ramp that go to the part on top of the door, then drop down to where you were suppose to land the banshee. Drive at top speed through the door, move aroung a bit and after some effort, you should get through. Kill the brutes then through the cut screen. When the cut screen ended, run back to the specture and get it to Johnson, if the sarge doesn't get in, throw a plasma grenade at him and he should run off the platform. Another one will respawn and he will get in, make sure you are in the driver seat when he does, then another will soon respawn and jump in, then another. If you get out, kick one out and get back in the driver seat, the newly respawn one will jump in, letting you have two or more guy on the platform. With several snipers shooting at him, the last boss will never stand a chance.

This is one of the many hidden facelike markings in halo 2. In the multiplayer level, Beaver Creek, there is a tree by the begining of the ramp to get the pistol or sniper rifle. You should look at the tree like this :

ramp begining----      Tree-------O      You------                     

If you look at the tree from the correct angle shown in the crappy illustration, you should see a ghoulish looking face in the side of the tree.

More facelike markings:
In the multiplayer level, Zanzibar, there is a rock outside the gate. well look at it like this :

 Gate----]      ]      ]      ]  Rock---O You----

If you look at it from far away, it kind of looks like an animal.

There are many skulls in the game but these two are my favorite and I think, most useful. only in LEGENDARY. The first is on the level Quarentine Zone. You dont have to fight for this one. When you start the level turn around and look for a tunnel next to a Pit O' Doom, like this:

                 starting place-----                           /              Pit O Doom--  --------Tunnel                           /                                                                   

Once youre through the tunnel and on the other side, go to the edge were youll see a bridge thingy. DONT CROSS THE BRIDGE. Turn left and walk to the ledge on the side of the cliff. walk onto that ledge untill you come to the little floating skull. hold x and pick it up. Save and quit and all explosives and melee attacks will make things fly farther. You can also move bodies with this.

The next skull is on the level The Arbiter. Play through the level on legendary until you come to the part were you fly the banshee. Once youre in the banshee fly down to the three large cylinder type objects. Go to the one in the middle. On the cylinders top underneath the support beam thing there should be a bunch of grunts dancing in a circle. In the middle of the circle is the skull. You can save and quit if you want but I like to shoot the grunts. This skull makes it so that when you headshot somebody even your own guys they explode like a plasma grenade. note: this works on dead bodies too. to work on an elite - his energy shields must be down. to work on a brute - if the brute has a helmet, shoot him in the face a few times till his helmet falls off. PS: only works with projectile weapons. plasma weapons, and needler dont work. Everything else does.

Scarab Gun:
On the level metropolis on that part were your at the end of the bridge at the beginning of the tunnel there should be banshees, try to get one to follow you all the way to the end. The trick is to not let it kill you, kill those marines in the warthog they try shooting the banshee. Bring it to the round tunnel that goes to an open area and as it's loading you board it. If you board it any time before it will blow up you die. Just do it as it starts loading. Then just bring it through and drive all the way up to those bridges at the northeastern side when you get out of the tunnel.

Alternate level solution:
On the level Outskirts, You can have Sgr.Johnson with you the whole level, skip the Hunter fight, have a lot of marines with you the whole level. To do this you need go to the spot where the Elite is on the roof, go behind there and look until you find the dirt patch near that building. Do the Grenade/jump techniqueThrow a grenade down and before it blows up jump to get a boost. When your up there go to the spot as far as you can go and do another Grenade/jump technique I told ypu to get to another roof, jump to the ones near the Jackels, and roam around a bit. When the Dropship comes, hide behind the building and look where the hunters come, keep watching untl the Pelican driver says "My dird is a little big for that courtyard..." and kill the jackels by sniping with Battle Rifle. Jump down to there and Sgr. Johnson should be thereIf not try this again and roam around and kill the Jackels before the Pelican Driver comes, you SHOULD skip the Pelican and Cortana saying she "needs Johnson on that bird". So now you skipped the Hunter battle, have Johnson with you still and killed the Jackels really easyly.

Keep going and do that stuff you would normally do with the alley kill the Covenant there, when you get to the divide in the alley Johnson will stay there, keep going until yo get to the Marines in the Post they have there, and gonot to far in the hallwayto bring out the CovenantYou will see them shooting their Plasma Rifles. Retreat back to teh Marines and you SHOULD see Sgr. Johnson with the marines. Kill the Covenant there and keep going until the Warthog is in that one placethe one where the Dropship is and GET Johnson in the warthog either on the Passenger sid or the Driverpreferable the passenger,because you aren't damaged that muck 'cause Johnson is with you keep going until you are at the tunnel and on the way you should have seenand collected a bunch of Marines. In the tunnel you get another Warthog as usual and keep going when you finish the level, you should have at least 6 Marines with you. Wow, you beat one level a completely different way than you were supposed to

Skull at start level Suit up and prepare for battle:
Play the game on legendary and do everything the "master guns" tells you to do. Once the sarge walks in dont get on the elevater. Wait till he says 'Would it help if i said please?' then get inside the shuttle, press against the glass at the back end and hold in X. It is in the next room on the green boxes.

Sniping places:
On foundation there are 3 explosive boxes on one side and 2 on the other on the map. What you need is a rocket launcher and an overshield. Stand on top of the 3 or 2 boxes better to use 3. Look down and there should be a little gap between the boxes and wall. Chuck a grenade down the gap, jump shoot. This needs quick thinking, whilst in mid air guide your player to the little thing that goes from the middle 2 the edge. This is a go place for sniping. Now there is a another place for sniping. Look around there should be 4 arches and 1 is broken. Grenade/Rocket jump in to the block of cement and jump over the gap. Keep jumping until you get to the top.

Bounce trick:
When you play on the level Lockout there is a quadbounce, or four bounces. Look at the wall beside the turrent. Tthen crouch aginst it. Then jump but still be crouched. Tthen un-crouch and run and jump and hold the A button and forward. Landing at the right moment will cause you to jump. Land on the corner ONLY HOLDING A. You will bounce four times. If you do it totally right you will bounceout of the level

Good gun:
When you are playing the level Abiter, you will get in a banshee and follow a phantom. This is only on heroic. While doing so you will fly straight up. Then after 3 seconds you turn right. You will see grunts shooting fuel rod cannons. Get one of their guns and get all of the ammo. Later once you verse the herotic shoot him in the head once, he will die. Then make sure not to die because you will lose the gun and there is no way getting it back.

A Few Multiplayer Weapon Tricks:
- Double Shot - When shooting quickly hit R R X and two shots will come out instead of one Battle Rifle is best to use this trick with BONUS If you want to not have to wait to reload hit YY and do it again, if both shots are at the head it will be a kill.

- Very quick kill - With either a Battle Rifle or Carbine aim at the opponents head and Hit BXR or BRX, this will hit the enemy, bringing their shields down and then shoots them in the head to kill them. Works with all weapons but is most effective with BR or Carbine

- Throw two grenades at once - Pick up any weapon that can overheat Plasma pistol, Plasma rifle, ect. and shoot it until it overheats. Once over heated wait for it to cool down half way then hit L two time, two grenades should come out.

- Faster Reloading - When you are reloading, wait until the ammo is just placed in the gun and hit YY you need 2 guns the gun will be reloaded and ready to fire.

- Sword Cancel - When aiming at someone with a sword lunge and hit the reload button LX. Your person will lunge at him/her but not hit them.