Hitman: Blood Money - How to activate the games cheat menu


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How to activate the games cheat menu:
Find the HitmanBloodMoney.ini in your game's directory
and add: EnableCheats
at the end. Save the modified HitmanBloodMoney.ini and
start the game as usual - then during a mission press C
to bring up the cheat menu. Press ESC to leave the menu.

You can navigate through the menu by using the cursor keys
UP/DOWN to select the desired options then ENTER or
LEFT/RIGHT cursor keys to enable/disable the option 1/0.

BEWARE that some of the options might crash/mess up the
game so use them with care.


Win Mission:
After enabling cheats, press [Shift] [C] during game play to complete the current mission. If used at the start of the mission, it will complete it with a "Silent Assassin" rank.

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