Hoyle Casino '99 - Billions of Dollars


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Submitted by XxSniperHawkxX
Submitted by Jason Mewes

Billions of Dollars

Open the user LOG.file and edit line 00000020 just the last two numbers of that line. Play with the numbers and it will give you as much as 1.4 Billion.

10 Million and More

Take your 5000 start up money to the 100 dollar progressive slot machine. Keep playing that slot machine until you hit the 10 million dollar prize. Every time you deplete your 5000 start up money select the option to erase your data and start over so that you can continue to play with 5000 until you hit the jackpot. It may take awhile to hit it but I've done it 3 times already it is a proven method.
Submitted by: Rob Robmac7777aol.com

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