Hyperdimension Neptune

Hyperdimension Neptune


Neptune Start (Bronze)
Objective: New game started

Combo Making (Bronze)
Objective: Created an original combo

Item Making (Bronze)
Objective: Synthesized item used in battle

Shopping (Bronze)
Objective: Purchased items

News (Bronze)
Objective: Gathered information led you to find and clear a quest

Medieval Fantasy (Bronze)
Objective: Arrived in LEANBOX

Steam Punk (Bronze)
Objective: Arrived in LASTATION

Marchen (Bronze)
Objective: Arrived in LOWEE

Future Fantasy (Bronze)
Objective: Returned to PLANEPTUNE

Dress Up (Bronze)
Objective: Accessory changed

Objective: Processor unit changed

Teamwork (Bronze)
Objective: Battle formation changed

Hard Battle (Bronze)
Objective: Fought in Patron godess form during battle

Nippon Ichi (Bronze)
Objective: Nippon Ichi joined your group

GUST (Bronze)
Objective: GUST joined your group

Scenario Completion (Silver)
Objective: Scenarion cleared

Multi-Platform (Silver)
Objective: Walked through the entire map

Speed Searcher (Gold)
Objective: Completed all the time attack in S-Class

History Document Histoire (Gold)
Objective: Obtined all histoire