Insurgency: Sandstorm

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Commander Tips & Info:
General Tips:
Just some quick tips I've learned so far.

If you're not the only commander on your team, be considerate. Ask
before using a one off support, (Helicopters) or the supports you only
have two available of.

When attacking, there's nearly no reason not to call a smoke barrage. The
closer you can call it to the point/enemy marksman positions, the better.
On the flipside, there's nearly no reason to *ever* call a smoke barrage
when you're defending.

When defending, I usually find it best to call fire support as soon as
it's up. Keeping them delayed with artillery, or dodging around gas is
always a plus.

Don't be afraid to flank with your Observer. Getting the right angle on
their approach, or a strong line in their defense with an A-10, or grenade
drone strafe can absolutely destroy either one, and give your team the
breathing room they need.

Chemical mortars are special for a few reasons:
They punish un-prepared players.
They act as a less efficient smoke screen.
Like smoke mortars, they make the enemy cough, alerting you to their
position. Unlike smoke mortars, they will likely drive enemies out from
their positions.

Don't forget that most weapons will penetrate surfaces, so the A-10 strafe,
as well as helicopters can absolutely nuke an objective.
(Especially the Gunships rockets).

Communicate. Be the one asking your team if they need support in a specific
area, status on the point, etc.

In my experience, people communicate much more if someone initiates it first.

Talk to your Observer. Tell them where you want them to be, and what you want
them to do.

If you're an Insurgent planning on using the chemical mortars, tell your team!
They'll thank you when they're not choking to death.

Congratulate your team when they capture an objective, and rally them when
they lose one.

When you're calling in support, tell your team what it is, and where it is,
so they can avoid it.

Fire Support Arrival Times:
While it may not seem important, knowing when your support will arrive, in
some situations, is vital. For example, want to quickly clear a clustered
group of baddies? Use the A-10 strafe as Security, or Grenade drones as the
Insurgents! Want to spend some time picking them off on the point while
they're being shelled? Use the explosive mortars/artillery!

Smoke - 47 Seconds until first shell hits.
30mm Strafe Run - 27 Seconds till strafe begin.
Explosive Artillery - 48 until first shell hits.
Minigun Support - 40 Seconds to arrive, stays for 30.
Gunship Support - 40 seconds to arrive, stays for 20.
Chemical Mortar - 46 Seconds until first shell hits.
IED Drone - Spawns in 30 seconds, seeks out target.
Rocket Barrage - 35 Seconds until barrage begin.
Grenade Drones - 30 Seconds until payload detonation.

Keep in mind these were recorded by hand, so these values may be off by a
second or two.