Secure Point Mode Guide (Tips and Tricks):

This is a guide on "How To Play" the game mode of Secure Point.

Game Mode Guide:
- Defend your teammate, working together and fight against the opponent.
- Stay in the randomly chosen Secure Point to earn capture points.
- Win by capturing the randomly chosen Secure Point.

Secure Point Basics:
- There are a total of 3 secure points in each map.
- There are point A, B, and C. The chosen point will be shown on the map.
- Move here or "Objective" logo will lead you to the chosen point.

How To Play & Crown The Victory:

- Earn capture points while staying in the highlighted circle (capture zone).
- Secure the point and defend it.
- Your team is winning if the blue color line on the top is more than the red.
- Ensure your team is winning, and claims the victory when the time is up or
successfully captured the point (the bar is filled with 100% blue).

Extra Tips for Secure Point:
- The capture zone will turns "Blue" while capturing by your allies.
- The capture zone will turns "Red" while capturing by the enemy team.
- The capture zone will turns "Green" while contesting by both team.
- Help your team to capture the point instead of just killing around the map.
- The more team members are staying in the capture zone, the more faster the
blue color bar filled.