Jagged Alliance 2 - Various Cheats v106 required

Jagged Alliance 2 - Various Cheats v106 required

Various Cheats v1.06 required

At the Tactical screen hold Ctrl and type G A B B I. Now press any of the following at the given screen:

Tactical Screen

Alt E Make all characters enemies and NPCs and items visible
Alt O Kill all enemies in current sector
Alt T Teleport selected character to cursor location
Ctrl H Hurt character under cursor location
Alt D Refresh APs of selected character
Alt R Reload selected character's gun
Ctrl U Refresh all characters' health and energy heals them
Alt Enter Aborts enemies turn

Map Screen

Ctrl T In travel mode teleport squad to sector under cursor
Alt AUTO RESOLVE Kill all enemies in sector without having to load sector and use ALT O


Increase funds by 100000
Decrease funds by 10000
SPACE While Leftclicking merc forces any "away" character to join team


Alt B Enemy appears at cursor
Alt C Civilian appears at cursor
Alt I Item appears at cursor
Alt K Mustard gas explosion at cursor
Alt O 100pts of damage to all enemies in sector
Alt 5 Character changes to monster
Alt G Create new character
Alt V Create robot
Alt 4 Character sits in wheel chair