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Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast


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Note. If you save your game after using the BUBBLE cheat, there is no way to turn it off again. Code:
DINGO All Levels
BISCUIT Infinite Ammo
BUBBLE Infinite Health
SCOOTER Infinite Force
FUDGE Unlock Lightsaber
CHERRY Unlock 7 Single Player Levels
FLICKY Unlock All Movies
PEEPS Unlock MP characters
DEMO Unlock Mission To Alzoc III level

3rd person mode glitch Duel only:
Start the game by going to the jedi arena and select duel. Then choose to be on the dark side and put grip on at least level one and choose a level with cliffs Bespin for example. Then begin the duel. Once the duel has started run up to your opponent and use grip on them.

Then hang your opponent off the side of a cliff and drop them. Shortly after that jump off the cliff as well, but make sure that the screen says you won the duel by the time you've fallen. If done correctly when the next round starts instead of being in first person mode with your blaster, you'll be in third person.

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