King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood - Get Bonus Ending 2


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Get Bonus Ending 2

Beat the game with Moe, Miu, and Jun as a team on master Orochi rank.

Get Endless Mode

Get the highest score in Time Attack mode.

Maximum Difficulty

Obtain Master Orochi Rank with Kyo, Reiji, and Moe.

Power Gauge Option

Get the high score in Endless Mode.

Shortcut to Player Select Menu

Obtain Master Orochi Rank with Ryo, Yuri, and Takuma.

Story Mode Toggle

Get Master Orochi Rank with Iori, Jun, and Miu.

Time Attack Mode

Get Master Orochi Rank with 18 characters.

Unlock Sinobu

Get Master Orochi Rank for all characters.

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