Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III

Mid-Game EXP Farming:
During the mid-game stages go to The Caribbean and participate in naval battles with enemy ships where you will be given huge amounts of EXP for shooting down the enemy fleet. It is advised that you consider doing this to get a level boost before facing the final parts of the game.

The 7 Princesses Minigames:
The Princesses in each of the worlds are ALL pudding monsters that if you approach and press the Triangle button on your controller will enable you to play their special mini game which gives you the opportunity to receive various items such as Orichlacum and special abilities.

Finding Orichalcum:
In total there are 7 Orichalcum you can collect and doing so requires you to either find their location, complete specific challenges, or defeat a certain boss.

Orichalcum 1# - Treasure Chest (End of the World)
Located in the End of the World in the Keyblade Graveyard.

Orichalcum 2# - Treasure Chest (Caribbean)
Located in the Caribbean World. It's on one of the isolated islands.

Orichalcum 3# - Moogle Raffle Ticket
One of the prizes of the Moofle Raffle.

Orichalcum 4# - Mini Game Reward (Frozen Slider)
Collect all the treasures in the Frozen Slider minigame in Arendelle

Orichalcum 5# - Defeat the Space Boss (Gummi Ship)
Beat the Space Monster Boss in the Eclipse Galaxy

Orichalcum 6# - Challenge Completion (Lucky Mark)
Collect ALL the Lucky Marks in the game

Orichalcum 7# - Get High Scores (7 Princesses)
Get a high score in ALL 7 minigames of the 7 Princesses.

Unlock the Ultima Weapon:
The ultima Weapon is the most powerful keyblade Sora can yield. Once equipped Sora will gain the abiliity to Form Change to this Ultimate Form to enhance his combat capabilities to a further level. To unlock the Ultima Weapon you will need to collect the required materials and visit any of the Moogle Shops to create it. The ingredients you need to collect are 58 Synthetic Materia and 7 Orichalcum which can be gained by completing mini games or looting treasure chests.

Exclusive Keyblades:
These are Keyblades that can only be obtained by preordering the game on specific consoles or stores. Exclusive keyblades each differ in appearance and abilities.

Phantom Green Keyblade
This is the pre-order Xbox One exclusive keyblade which is able to direct destructive lightning attacks.

Midnight Blue Keyblade
This is the pre-order PS4 exclusive keyblade that imbues frost and snow to boost attacks.

Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade
This is the Amazon exclusive pre-order for PS4 that is able to channel fire to charge it's attacks.

Finding Keyblade Upgrade Materials:
Specific materials such as Flourite are needed to upgrade your keyblades, most of these materials are either dropped by enemies or found in treasure chests. Other materials that you require for upgrading your keyblades will become unlocked at the shop by progressing through the story.

Unlock Shooting Star Keyblade:
You will acquire the Shooting Star Keyblade after completing the 'Twilight Town' story. This keyblade transforms into a set of handguns that you can use to damage enemies from a distance.

Unlock Hero's Origin Keyblade:
This keyblade is unlocked by completing Hercules' Olympus world, it allows Sora to use the 'Counter-Shield' transformation which turns his keyblade into an Olympic shield that both hurts enemies and blocks against their attacks.

Equipping Keyblades:
As you progress through the game different keyblades are unlocked which each have different stats that indicate strength, defense, and magic. You will be able to assign up to 3 keyblades to Sora at a time in the 'Equipment' tab of your menu and you will be able to switch between them with the left and right D-Pad buttons while in combat.