Kudos: Rock Legend - Cheat Codes


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Cheat Codes:
In order to give yourself the almost infinite money trick as well as hundreds of other tricks and codes you must edit the Kudos Rock Legend config.txt file located within your :Program FilesKudos Rock LegendData folder.

Open the file with notepad. From there you can access all the cheats below. And many more options not even listed Most come with descriptions inside your config txt anyway For the best results do not exceed the percentage parameters. Save and backup your original config.txt incase you mess something up. And use the below codes and list specifications as a guideline within your congif.txt You'll be able to cheat with all these codes easily

RSCHANCEBUYCDATGIG = 0.??? - 100Quality gig required, and new CD with all new songs required. Chance of album being bought. Don't set above .4 for realistic measure.
RSINITIALSONGS = ??? can be set to anything under 10 - Allows you to change how many free songs you start with.
SLEEPDURATION = 15.00 can be set to 5.00 and not below it. - Alters sleep cycle to a fractional nap time. Bands don't get sleep. Not part of the rockstar life.
RSCHANCEBUYCDOLD = 0.??? - Chance of buying an old cd at a gig when the album is over 10 weeks is altered through this percentage.
RSPUBLICITYTOOTIRED = 0.??? do not exceed 0.99 - Controls the tolerance of the band members before quitting public events.
RSALBUMPRICE = 11.99 - Default is 11.99, control your album prices on the raw distribution scale. Does not effect advances or pay backs.
RSGIGCANCELEXPENSESPERCENTAGE = 0.??? - Even if the gig is cancelled or missed, this percentage pertains to the overall expense anyways.
GAMEDURATIONYEARS = 5 should be set to 30 - Game ends after a real rock career instead of within an hour and a half of gameplay.
RSABILITYDEGRADE = 0.??? - How well your musician remembers their instrument. Do not exceed .99999 infinite.
RSSTARTINGCASH = ???.???? - Infinite money trick can be implemented here. 33.0 is the default value. Get freaky
RSDEMOCDHAPPINESS = 0.??? - Motivation factor for new cd being mixed.
RSALBUMARTISTSHARE = 0.??? - Originally set to .78 this value controls the share of your album pay. Think royalties.
RSRELAXTIREDNESS = -0.??? - The amount that shaves fatigue by each day off.
RSMINQUALITYCLASSICSONG = 0.??? - The bare minimum value for which a song can become a classic.
RSCHARITYGIGMULTIPLIER = 0.??? - Try 0.7 Charity gigs aren't free. And most celebrities use them to highlight their career. Make A Wish uses artists like P.Diddy and other legends

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