Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed - Hide Plays

Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed - Hide Plays

Hide Plays

At the Play Selection screen press Up Up.

Various Cheats

At the Versus screen press Turbo Jump and Pass the number of times indicated below. Then press the DPad in the indicated direction:

Code Effect
514 Up Infinite Turbo
223 Right Unlimited Throwing Distance
032 Left Fast Turbo Running
312 Up PowerUp Offense
421 Up PowerUp Defense
233 Up PowerUp Teammates
312 Left PowerUp Blockers
045 Up Super Blitzing
123 Left Super Field Goals
344 Up No Interceptions
423 Down No Random Fumbles
210 Up No First Downs
151 Up No Punting
211 Left Allow Stepping Out of Bounds
250 Left Fast Passes
001 Down Show Field Goal
001 Right Show Punt Hang Meter
102 Right Hide Receiver Name
333 Left Invisible Receiver Highlight
433 Up Invisible
323 Left Red White and Blue Football
050 Right Big Football
200 Right Big Head
040 Up Huge Head
321 Left No Head
123 Right Headless Team
310 Right Team Tiny Players
141 Right Team Big Players
203 Right Team Big Heads
212 Left Clear Weather
525 Down Snowy Weather
555 Right Rainy Weather

Two Player Agreement Required

Code Effect
115 Left No Play Selection
021 Right Show More Field
012 Down No CPU Assistance
404 Left PowerUp Speed
555 Up Hyper Blitz

Only One Player Game

Code Effect
314 Down Smart CPU Opponent
212 Down Deranged Blitz Mode
323 Up Ultra Hard Mode

Only Two Player Game

Code Effect
423 Right Super Passing Mode
444 Up Super Blitz Mode
111 Down Tourh3nt Mode

Two Human Teammates Required

Code Effect
222 Left Always Quarterback
222 Right Always Receiver