Legacy Of Kain: Defiance - Cardboard tube Reaver

Legacy Of Kain: Defiance - Cardboard tube Reaver

Cardboard tube Reaver

Pause game play as Kain, then press Up, Down, Left, Right, R2, L2, Triangle, Down, Circle. Your Reaver will be replaced with a cardboard tube as from a paper towel roll.

Switching Reaver Alignment

If you switch alignments while holding down the square button when your reaver energy is full, you can sucessfully change which spell you use without losing your full bar.

Unlock everything

Just beat the game and save the info to your memory card then go to bonus materials to see them. Don't worry about finding the tomes, they are all opened when you beat the game.

Kain's tomes - found throughout Kain's journey

Making of LOK Defiance - finish game and save to memory card
Raziel's tomes - found throughout Raziel's journey
Soul Reaver 1 - opening start new game
Soul Reaver 2 - opening start new game