Legend of Grimrock 2

Legend of Grimrock 2

Game Cheats:
Alter your game files at your own risk and ALWAYS make backups!

1. Open your Grimrock 2 folder, usually located at Documents\Almost Human\Legend of Grimrock 2
2. Using Notepad or similar, open grimrock.cfg
3. Update the lines below, so that they read as indicated:

console = true
consolekey = 192

4. Begin playing the game and press ~ (the key above TAB) to produce the cheat console.

Now you can enter the codes indicated below to access the corresponding effects.

spawn("tome_wisdom") - +1 skill point
spawn("turtle_steak") - +1 food
spawn("tome_health") - +25HP
spawn("potion_strength") - +1 for strength
spawn("potion_dexterity") - +1 for dexterity
spawn("potion_vitality") - +1 for vitality
spawn("potion_willpower") - +1 for willpower
spawn("tome_energy") - +25 to energy
spawn("tome_leadership") - +1 to all stats
spawn("tome_air") - +20 to shock resist
spawn("tome_fire") - +20 to fire resist
spawn("tome_earth") - +20 to poison resist
spawn("tome_water") - +20 to ice resist
spawn("lock_pick") - lockpick (opens closed chests)
You can also find a batch of codes that allow you to spawn various potions in particular:

spawn("potion_resurrection") - resurrect dead comrades
spawn("potion_greater_healing") - big HP potion
spawn("potion_greater_energy") - big energy potion
spawn("potion_cure_disease") - antidote
spawn("potion_cure_poison") - antivenom
Also, it is possible to spawn pieces of the full plate armor:

Finally, you can also produce various keys that might come in handy: