The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures - Minigames at Tingle39s Tower


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Mini-games at Tingle's Tower

Tingle's Tower is accessed by bringing two or more players to a already completed level, or by completing the second stage of a level with two or more players.

World 1: Bucking Bronco
World 2: Cucco Wrangling
World 3: Hammer Tag
World 4: Monster Hunting
World 5: Volley, by Golly
World 6: Mole Melee
World 7: Monster Hunting Returns
World 8: Bonus Level a short dungeon

Shadow Battle Bonus Arenas

Successfully complete the Hyrulean Adventure to unlock the last 5 shadow battle arenas.

Tower Of Winds

When playing the Tower Of Winds level in Shadow Battle, go to Dark World. It has 4 switches. If you hit all four, a Giant Bomb will fall into the Light World, destroying anything that remains. If you are able to, grab another player who is still in Light World and keep him there to really make them mad.

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