Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Play as Fierce Deity Anywhere

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Play as Fierce Deity Anywhere

Play as Fierce Deity Anywhere

First you must have the bunny hood and the Fiece Deity mask. Slow down time then warp to the 3rd day at any time. Go to Sakan's hideout in Ikana valley. There will be a small crack on the right side. Put on the bunny hood then run and roll into the crack sometimes won't work so keep on trying. If you fall into the water try again. Once inside help Kafai get the sun's mask. When you play as Kafai don the Fierce Deity mask. When you play as Link again you'll be Fierce Deity WARNING When you are Fierce Deity you can't use the Orcarina so turn of the game before the moon falls. Don't worry about losing the saved data because you'll start at the 1st day from the last time you went back in time. This cheat is tricky so don't be discouraged. It took me nearly an hour the 1st time
Submitted by Sean Flores

Get Out of Fierce Deity Form

Jump in the water and put on Zora's Mask. Take off the mask and you will be Link again.
Submitted by Jeffrey

Slow time

sing okarin of time inverted the time will go slower
Submitted by thomas

Wallet Upgrades

Adult Walletholds 200 Rupees: go to west clock town there will be a guysitting on top of a stand on the wall. talk to him. Deposit a total of 200Rupees to get this wallet.
Giant Walletholds 500 rupees: After you get the goron mask and thehookshot, go to the great bay coast and enter the ocean side spider houseand get their tokens, then talk to the guy at the entrance to get thiswallet.
Submitted by devinagirl