LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes


Total votes: 109

Cheat Codes:
Pause the game and select "Extras" and you'll find the cheat-code panel under "Enter Code".
Code - Result:
74EZUT - 2x Studs
MNZER6 - Attract Studs
ZHAXFH - Beep Beep
TPJ37T - Character Studs
9ZZZBP - Clown Goon
BWQ2MS - Disguises
4LGJ7T - Extra Hearts
7TXH5K - Extra Toggle
TPGPG2 - Fall Rescue
MBXW7V - Gold Brick Finder
C79LVH - Harley Q Motorbike
W49CSJ - Lexbot
ZQA8MK - Mime Goon
LRJAG8 - Minikit Piece Finder
RYD3SJ - Peril Finder
V9SAGT - Policeman
5KKQ6G - Red Brick Finder
ZXEX5D - Regenerate Hearts
Q285LK - Riddler Goon
JN2J6V - Super Build
95KPYJ - Two-Face Goon
JXN7FJ - Vine Grapple

Arkham Asylum Antics (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 3

Asylum Assignment (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 4

Chemical Crisis (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 5

Chemical Signature (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 6

Combo Hero (Bronze)
Objective:Do a finishing move

Core Instability (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 13

Destination Metropolis (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 8

Down to Earth (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 10

Dynamic Duo (Bronze)
Objective:Play a level in co-op

Extra! Extra! (Bronze)
Objective:Collect all the red bricks (Single Player Only)

Gorilla Thriller (Bronze)
Objective:Climb to the top of Wayne tower while riding a Gorilla and playing as a female character.

Green Lantern's Light (Bronze)
Objective:Defeat Sinestro as Green Lantern

Harboring a Criminal (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 2

Heroes Unite (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 15

Inferior Machines (Bronze)
Objective:With Brainiac, defeat any LexBot

It's A Bird... It's A Plane... (Bronze)
Objective:Fly with Superman

Kal-El Last Son of Krypton (Bronze)
Objective:Defeat Zod as Superman

Research and Development (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 9

Subway Hero (Bronze)
Objective:Use the Gotham City Metro

The Next President (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 12

Theatrical Pursuits (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 1

Tower Defiance (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 14

Toy Gotham (Bronze)
Objective:Complete the Bonus level

Underground Retreat (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 11

Unwelcome Guests (Bronze)
Objective:Complete story level 7

Girl Power (Silver)
Objective:Unlock all female heroes and villains. (Single Player Only)

Halfway Through (Silver)
Objective:Get 50% (Single Player Only)

Justice League (Silver)
Objective:Unlock all Justice League characters (Single Player Only)

My Hero (Silver)
Objective:Rescue all Citizens in Peril (Single Player Only)

Super Hero (Silver)
Objective:Get Super Hero in all levels (Single Player Only)

Super-Villain (Silver)
Objective:Unlock all the Bosses (Single Player Only)

Test Hero (Silver)
Objective:Test a custom character

The House of Luthor (Silver)
Objective:Obtain more than 10,100,000,000 Studs (Single Player Only)

City Slicker (Gold)
Objective:Collect all the gold bricks (Single Player Only)

Minikit Hero (Gold)
Objective:Use all the Minikit vehicles

Team Building (Gold)
Objective:Unlock all characters (Single Player Only)

The End (Gold)
Objective:Get 100% (Single Player Only)

Complete Hero (Platinum)
Objective:Collected all of the Trophies

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