LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO The Incredibles


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Campaign Mode:
Campaign mode is comprised of 12 different missions. This means in total there are 120 Minikit canisters to find, and 12 vehicles to unlock in the game.

Minikit Canisters:
These are difficult to find and more often than not will require you to replay Campain missions several times to collect ALL 10 that are available in each level. They are worth the effort because once you have ALL 10 Minikit Cannisters in a single level you will be awarded with a new vehicle that you will be able to summon any time you want to explore the open world.

Hidden Areas:
You will generally find that high-value and rare items such as Minikit canisters, Incredibricks and Red Bricks will be hidden in both Campaign missions and the open world. This means to locate them you will have to look in every nook and cranny and on occasion use your super powers to reach them.

Farm Studs:
Make sure that as soon as you are free to explore the open world you farm as many studs as you can so you can buy new packs to unlock new characters and content. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to charge through the streets as Mr. Incredible.

Explore the City:
Once the initial mission has been completed you will be free to explore the open world. The City of Municiberg is separated into 10 districts, each with their own enemies to defeat and challenges to complete.

Cheat Codes:
There are only two characters in this game that can be unlocked by entering a code. To enter the code pause the game and go to the 'Extras' option and choose 'Enter Code'.

Edna Mode (Juniors):
Enter BRAB1R

Gamma Jack:
Enter G1MHR7

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