LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge - Castle Island


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Castle Island

Go to Darren's house and find the Hospital page in the backyard. Go to the Hospital's mailbox. A patient will give you a ticket to Castle Island. Go to the Ferry Pier to go to Castle Island.


Go left from your house to reach the intersection. Next, go down across the road and keep going in that direction. At the corner, go right. Keep going until the Brickster gives you a skateboard.


From the "man fixing car".
From the radio man.
Go south from the tunnel leading to the south part of the Island.
Near the farm at the south part of the Island.


Ever wondered how to get to the desert? Here it is. Take a helicopter and fly to papa's house. Go above that rocket near the house and before you know it you will be at the desert
Submitted by Janet Liew

Double jump

How to Double jump: For those who don't know, it's simple. Y'know the jump button, don't you? Press X once and then press it again quickly. There we go I used it to jump in water
Submitted by Janet Liew

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