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Exclusive Items:
Select the 'Codes' tab at the 'Main' menu and enter the following codes from Lego Sets purchased in stores to unlock the corresponding exclusive item.

Getaway Car from LEGO City:
Enter BG7DWK

Lance's Driller from Nexo Knights:
Enter XP3BN2

Lock & Roller from Nexo Knights:
Enter LY9C8M

Pizza Van from LEGO City:
Enter U98BR2

Police Car from LEGO City:
Enter P42FJ6

Unlock ALL Building Bricks:
Select the 'Codes' tab at the 'Main' menu and enter the code 'BR1CK5' (without the quotes) to unlock ALL building bricks.

Cheat Codes:
BG7DWK Getaway Car from LEGO City
XP3BN2 Lance's Driller from Nexo Knights
LY9C8M Lock & Roller from Nexo Knights
U98BR2 Pizza Van from LEGO City
P42FJ6 Police Car from LEGO City

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